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    • George Perez to benefit Linda Blair's charity, WorldHeart Foundation From Vu WORLDHEART FOUNDATION AUCTION (Clan McDonald Comics) (06 Mar 2021) Auction You can win a George Perez custom pencil/ink art, to benefit Linda Blair's animal rescue organization ...
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    George Pérez
    Marcus Mebes

    August 2003
    Tony Lorenz Productions

    Fanzine (64 pages)

    Tony Lorenz/various
    George Pérez/various
    George Perez/various
    Marcus Mebes/Tony Lorenz

    The special CROSSGEN special issue.
    (6/15/2003): If ordered direct, issue is autographed by George Perez, Barbara Kesel, Rick Magyar, and Larry Molinar.
    (7/14/2003): To be released in August 2003
    (8/20/2003): Officially released today.

    To order, send to:
    Tony Lorenz (email)
    8906 Railford Ct.
    Tampa, FL 33615

  •  September 22, 2003 | Pacesetter Sale
    From Tony Lorenz (email)

    posted 9/22/03 2:44 AM

    Hi everyone For the next month if you order The GEORGE PEREZ NEWSLETTER issues 1,2 PACESETTER 1 AND 2 you can get them for $20.00, a saving of $6.00 (add $2.00 for Canada orders and $4.00 for international orders). All books are autographed by George and each book will be bagged and board, you can pay by paypal at or by mail, check or moneyorder to:

    Tony Lorenz
    8906 Railford Ct.
    Tampa, Fl 33615

    P.S. I have all material for PACESETTER #3 (the AVENGERS/JLA ISSUE), except for one interview, all most everything has been edited, so things are going pretty smooth for this issue. I will begin taking advance orders as soon as I have the last interview in. Thanks for the support, this should be another fun issue, it has interviews with George, Tom Smith, Kurt Busiek, Mike Carlin, and Tom Brevoort.

     August 20, 2003 | Pacesetter #2 is Out
    From Tony Lorenz (email)

    posted 8/20/03 11:40 PM

    All orders have been shipped now. I've got to get all the contributers copies out, thanks for all the support, let me know what you think of the issue as soon as possible. Still taking orders on the issue and back issues are available.

    (Vu: Also, comic stores received PACESETTER #2 today, through Diamond Distribution.)

     August 18, 2003 | Shipping Lists
    From Diamond Previews

    Shipping This Week: August 20

    The following products are expected to ship to comic book specialty stores this week. Note that this list is tentative and subject to change. Please check with your retailer for availability.


    Shipping Next Week: August 27

    The following products are expected to ship to comic book specialty stores next week. Note that this list is tentative and subject to change. Please check with your retailer for availability.


     August 16, 2003 | Pacesetter #2 to Ship
    From Tony Lorenz (email)

    posted 8/16/03 7:26 PM

    Hi everyone Thursday I went to Crossgen and had Larry Molinar, Barbara Kesel and Rick Magyar sign the books, and yesterday I got up with George Perez and he signed the books. So the books are ready. I'm packing them today (Saturday), my son's got a football game today so I won't be able to get them in the mail until Monday. Still taking orders and thanks for all the support.

     August 7, 2003 | Pacesetter #2 Shipped
    From Tony Lorenz (email)

    posted 8/7/03 10:40 PM

    Hi everyone, PACESETTER #2 has been shipped to me and to Diamond, I've got the tracking numbers. The printers tell me that I will receive my share of the books on the 8/12. So next week I've got to get the autographing lined up, I'm hoping Wizard World doesn't delay things.

     August 6, 2003 | Pacesetter #2 Printed
    From Tony Lorenz (email)

    Topic: PACESETTER #2 IS PRINTED!!!!!
    posted 8/6/03 11:03 PM

    Hi, yes it is true, issue two is now printed, talk to the printer Harold Monday, I also told him that the copies coming to me are priority, so it's a good possiblity that I could get them before the end of the week. Still taking orders by the way.

     August 3, 2003 | Pacesetter Updates
    from Tony Lorenz (email)

    posted 8/3/03 6:30 PM

    Hi everyone, update one PACESETTER #2, I'm calling the printer tomorrow, I'm hoping the issue to be ready the first of next week, today, I'm getting all the envelopes ready for all the orders to ready to ship when I get the books and get them autographed, the good part is CrossGen is 5 minutes from my house, I can bring them by and get the entire creative team to autograph the advance order copies, still taking orders by the way, George is the only one that is a challenge, being he works at home.

    I'm hoping to I get the books this week, I'm on vacation from the day job, that would work out perfect, things haven't gone that smooth for me lately, but you never know my luck might change. Still need contributors for issue three, the drop-dead deadline is Sept 15 for contribution. I've already had all the interviews lined up (I've received two back already). I'm looking for couple more articles; it will be an Avengers/JLA theme issue. I need response for the question of the issue "What is your favorite Avengers and/or JLA character drawn by George and why?" I've received no response yet on this, so come on PEREZ FANS. My magazine is only good as the contributors, PACESETTER IS BY PEREZ FANS FOR PEREZ FANS. Thanks for all the support.

     July 14, 2003 | Pacesetter #2 Update
    From Tony Lorenz (email)

    Topic: PACESETTER #2 update
    posted 7/14/03 11:28 PM

    Printing have started, after all the production problems we were having. Harold, the printerer, tells me the first week of August, from there getting the books signed. I really appreciate all the patience everyone that advanced order, I think you will be very happy. I'm still taking orders for the issues and still have back issue available. E-mail me at (email).

    Next issue will be the AVENGERS/JLA ISSUE, I need contributers. The interview line up for the issue, waiting on confirmation, Kurt Busiek, Tom Smith, Mike Carlin, Tom Brevoort and of course George. This issue will be 80-100 page issue. Thanks for all the support.

     June 18, 2003 | GPN in Dublin
    From Tony Lorenz (email)

  • Topic: George Perez in Dublin, sort of.
    posted 6/18/03 1:20 AM

    I hope to have my pictures developed soon from my trip to Dublin Ireland, I got a picture in front of a comic store called Forbiddin Planet, with a Crossgen tee-shirt drawn by George and what was even more cool, the store was selling my magazine THE GEORGE PEREZ NEWSLETTER #3, that was neat.

    News on PACESETTER #2, soon as I get the disco make the last minute corrections, I hope to have the printing started and the end of the week.

     June 15, 2003 | Pacesetter #2 Update
    From Tony Lorenz (email), via Forum

    posted 6/15/03 7:42 PM

  • Hi everyone, there is some printing problems that I hope to have all corrected by Monday. I do want to say sorry about the delay to all that have ordered in advance, the money really does help me towards the printing cost. This magazine is truely a labor of love and not of making money.

    I am still taking orders for orders for issue two and I still have back issue available, e-mail me if you are interested at (email).

    Sometime next week I will annouce what I'm looking for the next issue, which will be out in November, the AVENGERS/JLA theme issue.

    One correction I do want to make is there is no free print when ordering PACESETTER #2, but the issue will be autographed by the entire creative team of Solus, truely a one of a kind of offer. Thanks for all the support and contributions to my magazine.

     June 15, 2003 | Pacesetter #2 Printing Problems
    From Vu

    I might have jumped the gun when I announced that PACESETTER #2 was being sent to the printer... I am told that there were some printing problems.

    Watch this space for an announcement (as far as I can tell, it's been pushed back a week).

    Tony Lorenz (email) and Marcus Mebes are doing a great job with the magazine, if you're interested, please write to Tony for ordering information. Usually if you order it direct, they come autographed by George Pérez and with a bonus print (see correction: June 15, 2003 | Pacesetter #2 Update). Every $1.00 of every issue ordered will go to ACTOR.

    Back issues for GEORGE PEREZ NEWSLETTER #1, GEORGE PEREZ NEWSLETTER #2 (Limited Edition) and PACESETTER, THE GEORGE PEREZ MAGAZINE #1 are still available, but in limited quanity, so I suggest you order them before they're gone like #2 and #3.

    Of course, you can always ask for the magazine through Diamond Comics (through your local comic book dealer).

     June 10, 2003 | Pacesetter #2 Sent to Printers
    From Vu

    Marcus Mebes told me that he's sending everything for PACESETTER, THE GEORGE PEREZ MAGAZINE #2 to the printer today. Based on past experiences, this means it would take another three or four weeks before Diamond put this in their "to be shipped" list.

     May 31, 2003 | Pacesetter #3 in November
    From Tony Lorenz (email)

  • PACESETTER #3 and other information
    Sat, 31 May 2003 22:33:58 -0000

    Hi gang, just want to let everyone know that I will be in Ireland from the 5th of June until June 14th, so if you are e-mailing me or sending orders, you won't get a reply until I get back, all orders that I haven't mailed will be mailed out before I leave.

    I am still taking advance orders for PACESETTER #2, the book will be autographed by the entire creative team of Solus and $1.00 of every issue ordered will go to the ACTOR fund. The issue will be in the printers hands before I leave for Ireland.

    I still also have back issue still available, e-mail me if you are interested at (

    Now that I know the date for the AVENGERS/JLA mini-series. I am now going to set the date for PACESETTER #3 will be in November, when I get back from Ireland I will let everyone know what I need for the issue, this issue may well be a 100 pager, we'll see.

     April 16, 2003 | Pacesetter #2 Update
    From Tony Lorenz (email)
    Topic: PACESETTER #2
    posted 4/15/03 4:43 PM

    Hi, everyone, just want to drop everyone a line to let you know how the next issue is coming a long. I'm just waiting on one more article and somemore copies of art, then I'll for the most part everything for the issue. I think this issue will be a great issue. The nice people at Crossgen even bought the backcover for an ad. I still need some response for question of the issue, I've got quite a few very cool responses, but I need a few more. I also need some feedback on issue one of PACESETTER, what did you think of it, good and bad, it's the only way I can improve my magazine, by the way I still have copies available to order along with The GEORGE PEREZ NEWSLETTER #1 and #2 (regular a limited edition), e-mail me for more information. Here's the question of the issue that I still need response for thanks for the support, "What comic would you love to see George draw and why?"

    Tony Lorenz (email)

     April 2, 2003 | Pacesetter #2 Flyer
    From Tony Lorenz (email)

     April 1, 2003 | Pacesetter #2 in Previews
    From PREVIEWS vol 13 #4 (Apr 03)

    Page 386:

     March 31, 2003 | Pacesetter #1 All Shipped
    From Tony Lorenz (email), via Forum

    Topic: PACESETTER #1 all orders and contributor copies are now shipped
    posted 3/29/03 8:09 PM

  • Hi, just wanted to drop everyone a line, all orders have now been shipped (that includes orders that I had to reshipped because they hadn't received there orders), I have also shipped all contributors copies too as of today. Thanks for the support and keep those contributions coming. I'm still taking orders on back issues, $6.50 each USA, $7.00 each Canada, and $10.00 each International (cash or paypal only for International). GPN issue #1 and #2 (regular and limited edition, different covers) and PACESETTER #1 are available, GPN #3 is sold out. GPN #1, 2 (limited edition) and PACESETTER #1 are all autographed by George.

    I'm also taking advance orders for issue two of PACESETTER (The Crossgen issue), this issue will be autographed by George and the rest of the Creative team of George's new book SOLUS), and $1.00 of every copy ordered will got to the ACTORS Charity and if you over pay all that money will also go to the ACTORS Charity, so come on Perez fans, order a great magazine and support a great cause at the same time. It's not as hard to get one creator to autograph a book, but to have the whole creative team, Writer, Penciler, Inker, and Colorist, this will be truely a collectors item. Contributors are always needed.

    How to order:
    $6.50 each USA
    $7.00 each Canada
    $10.00 each International (cash or paypal only.
    Remember if you over pay, all money will go to Actors Charity plus the $1.00 for every copy that you order. Add .50 for each book bought by paypal.

    Tony Lorenz (email)
    8906 Railford Ct.
    Tampa, Fl 33615

    Thanks for all the support.

     March 3, 2003 | Pacesetter #1 to Ship
    From Tony Lorenz (email)

  • Hi everyone, just wanted to let everyone know that all advance order copies of PACESETTER #1 will be shipped before the end of the week, most likely Thursday, I'm getting the books bagged and boarded right now and I've already got the envelopes ready, from there just to take them to the Post Office. I had George sign them at the Mega Con, I was there all day Saturday and most of the day Sunday, a good show, very Crowded Saturday I took a few pictures when I was there, I'll send them to Vu's for site. Thanks to everyone that ordered advance copies, I really appreciate it, it really helps with the print costs.

    I am now taking advance orders for issue two. I finalized what I'm offering for issue two at the Mega Con. I was hoping to make another print with art, but that just going to happen, so what I'm offering for issue two is not only will George will be autographing the book, but so will Barbara, Rick and Larry the entire creative team from Solus. With every copy ordered directly from me one dollar will be donated to the ACTOR fund, now if you want to donate more, say that you didn't want to buy more than one copy of my book any dollar over the order amount will be donated toward the ACTOR fund, so if you send a check to me for $9.00 and the order price is $6.50 for each copy, $1.00 for ordering the copy plus the $2.50 that you over paid making your contribution to the ACTOR fund $3.50. I hope to contribute at least a $1000 dollars. You'll be getting a one of a kind book and supporting a great cause, besides the advance orders really help with the shipping cost.


  • 64-pages
  • Squarebound full color cover
  • Crossgen theme issue
  • articles
  • artwork
  • news
  • trivia
  • The first official interview with the entire creative team of SOLUS
  • gallery and more.....

    $6.50 each US
    $7.00 each Canada
    $10.00 each International (cash or paypal only)
    *add .50 per book if ordering by paypal

  • Back issue of The GEORGE PEREZ NEWSLETTER #1, 2 (regular or limited edition are still available), #3 is sold out.

    $6.50 each US
    $7.00 each Canada
    $10.00 each International (cash or paypal only)
    *add .50 per book if ordering by paypal
    PAYPAL account is

    or check or money orders to:
    Tony Lorenz
    8906 Railford Ct.
    Tampa, Fl 33615

     February 1, 2003 | Pacesetter #1 in Late Feb
    From Tony Lorenz
    I talked to the printers last week, he told me the book will be ready by the 15 of February (PACESETTER #1), so once a get the books and get the autographed by George, we're talking the end of February.

    Also a little info, missed the deadline by two weeks on getting the next issue in the March PREVIEWS, so it won't be listed until the April PREVIEWS, that stinks, so in stead of end of April release, it looks like now an end of May release.

    I think now what's important his to have the material in the printers hands so as soon as I get the totals on orders I can give him the green light.

    So here's part three of what I need is I need some photos (of George Pérez) for the photo gallery, you can e-mail me nice JPEGs or you can mail me nice color copies, please put full name so I know who to give credit it to.

     January 25, 2003 | Pacesetter #2 Cover
    From Tony Lorenz
  • I'm sending it out to Diamond probably Monday. I'm shooting for an end of April release, right around when George's Solus comes out. Here's a little info of what to look forward to in the book, the issue should have around four articles, checklist, gallery art, photo gallery, news and an interview with the entire creative team of George's new book Solus, the first official interview with the entire creative team of the book. There will be more.

    Cover courtesy of Marcus Mebes.
     January 23, 2003 | Pacesetter Needs Art
    From Tony Lorenz
    [Perez] Things needed for PACESETTER #2 part 2
    Thu, 23 Jan 2003 21:17:38 -0000

    I've decided to breakdown the needs for the next issue into different parts, part one was question of the issue. Part 2 is I need copies any Crossgen related commission art, convention drawing etc... please send me good quality copies to:

    Tony Lorenz
    8906 Railford Ct.
    Tampa, FL 33615

    Remember to please put your full name and contact info on the copies so I know how to give proper credit for whom ever contributes. Remember you can receive discounts depending how much you contribute.

    I want to thank you all in advance for the help and support.

     January 22, 2003 | Pacesetter #2 Question
    From Tony Lorenz
    [Perez] PACESETTER #2 question of the issue.
    Thu, 23 Jan 2003 01:41:13 -0000

    Hi, everyone I need material for issue two of PACESETTER. I've got a lot so far, but I need more. I need response for the question of the issue, "What comic would you love to see George draw and why?" The following is my response for the feature:

    George drew the first comic I ever bought, but the first series that I really followed month after month was Marv Wolfman's Nova. I would love to see George along with creator Marv Wolfman do a Nova series. I believe it would be a sure fire hit, George and Marv worked so well together on the New Teen Titans and I think George's dramatic style would really bring Nova to like like no other artist has. We have seen George draw Nova on a few very limited occasions, even a full story in the back of an issue of What If? What a series that would be.

    Let's here your response folks, e-mail me at and please put your full name so I can give credit where credit is due.

     January 18, 2003 | Pacesetter #2 Progress
    From Tony Lorenz
    I went to Crossgen Friday and interviewed the entire creative team of Solus, as George and Barbara pointed it out to me that I was the first to interview the entire creative team, which was really cool. The interview went really well, I was nervous at first, a friend of mine, Sam Catalina tagged along and helped. It's going to be a pretty massive interview. I also got quotes from various Crossgen talent on there thoughts of George's artwork for a feature in the issue. I also have received one more article from Gary Beck. Ian Feller from Crossgen was awesome, made everything going very smooth, everyone I've met at Crossgen are nothing but class. I do have to go back down there Monday, they forgot to burn the art that I'm going to use for the cover on the disc and I have to get the odd art like character designs. All and all a very fun day yesterday.
     January 15, 2003 | Pacesetter #2 Info
    From Tony Lorenz
    Friday I'm going over to Crossgen to interview the entire creative team of Solus, it was set up by a really nice guy named Ian Feller. Hopefully then I can see some of the pages from the book, I haven't seen any yet. I'm hoping also to do an interview with Mark Alessi when I'm there. They are also getting me any art that I may need. I'm also having a feature in the issue asking the staff of Crossgen there opinion of George's work, I printed up questionnaire to hand out, but I may just to try and record the responses from as many people I can from Crossgen, I'm only asking people know George's work. So by Friday I may have the bulk of the material for the next issue. I've also have one article for the issue. So basically all I'll need is articles, I'm looking for four more articles, dealing with George four issues of Crossgen Chronicles, I need them pretty quick, because I'm looking to get this issue out three months after issue one, I'm going to try really hard to get this issue out about the same time as the first issue of Solus. I'm sure I still need some artwork too, any convention or commission sketches by George of Crossgen characters are needed.
     October 7, 2002 | Pacesetter in Previews
    From Tony Lorenz
    Here's some more news and update on the next issue, PACESETTER #1 will be in December Preview instead of the November Preview as I had hoped, so that means the book will be out the end of January not the end of December. But I still plan to have the next issue out in March, I've decided on George's suggestion to break the issue up from a Crossgen/Avengers-JLA issue to a Crossgen issue, then the following issue a AVENGERS-JLA issue.

    Also with the help ES there is a 99% chance of an extra interview in issue #1 with writer Gerard (Ultraforce) Jones.

     August 12, 2002 | Submission Needed for GPN #4-6
    From Tony Lorenz, via George Pérez Group
    submissions needed for the GEORGE PEREZ NEWSLETTER #4, 5, and 6
    Mon, 12 Aug 2002 19:15:36 -0000

    Hi everyone, I want to let everyone know that I need submissions for #4 (the Independent issue), #5 (the Crossgen/Avengers/JLA issue), #6 (the all Teen Titans issue). My plan is to release issue 4 in December, issue 5 in March, and issue 6 in August, with a possible bonus surprise book in 2003. This depends all how quick I get submissions, and I can't do it without your help. Like the motto of my magazine for Perez fans, by Perez fans. I really need your help, e- mail me if you have any questions. Everyone who contributes and article gets the issue free. Right now I'm looking for articles related to the themes that I have mention above, again if you have any questions regarding submitting an article, please e-mail me. There has been a lot of people expressed interest in submitting an article, so come on gang. Vu? Shane? Andy? Issue 5 and 6 are going to be 100 + page issues. I want to thank everyone one past, present and future that contributes to my magazine.

    One more thing, I still need title suggestions for my magazine, if you think I should should change the name, what should I change it to. Winner will receive a lifetime subscription to my magazine.

    08/07/2006 22:48:38

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