George Pérez
Marcus Mebes

Jan 2004
Tony Lorenz Productions

Fanzine (88 pages)

writers: Tony Lorenz/ES/Pedro Angosto/Gary Beck/Kirk Philbrick/Bobby Nash/Ilke Hincer/Michael Rudolph/Vu Nguyen/various
pencilers: George Pérez/Oliver Isabedra/Mitch Ballard/Mike Grell/various
inkers: George Perez/Oliver Isabedra/Mitch Ballard/Mike Grell/various
editors: Marcus Mebes/Tony Lorenz

Special JLA/AVENGERS issue. (previously, TEEN TITANS special.)
(06/15/2003): Scheduled for November 2003.
(10/28/2003): New final cover.
(12/30/2003): Book was printed prior to Christmas, now in proof stage
(1/21/2004): Released 21 Jan 2004. Prices: $7.95 US, $8.95 Canada, and $10.95 International
(4/10/2004): SOLD OUT

To order send $7.95 to:

Tony Lorenz (email)
8906 Railford Ct.
Tampa, FL 33615

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    WASP (1996), art by George Pérez, published in PACESETTER: THE GEORGE PEREZ MAGAZINE #3 (Jan 2004)
     April 10, 2004 | Pacesetter #3 Sold Out
    From Tony Lorenz (email)

    « Thread started on: 04/09/04 at 10:15pm »

    PACESETTER #3 is sold out, I am still taking advance orders for #4 until the end of the month. I still have copies of issue #1 and #2 (limited edition) GPN and #1 and #2 of PACESETTER still available, e-mail (email) me for details.

     April 2, 2004 | Pacesetter Updates
    From Tony Lorenz (email)

    Mega Con
    « Thread started on: 04/02/04 at 5:23pm »

    I promise that this is last one today. This is a little late, I want to let everyone know I had a great show at this years Mega Con. The show was very busy all three days. I got a chance to meet a lot of nice people. And the artist that I got to seat next two were nothing but class (Angel Medina and Jim Krueger) as a matter of fact Jim has offered to write an article for the 30th Anniversary issue of George's working in the comic industry, I'm excited about that. I'm planning on having a couple of other profesionals to write articles for the issue (I'm keeping my fingers cross) too.

    I have less than 10 copies left of the Avengers/JLA issue of PACESETTER left, so if you still haven't ordered please e-mail me for info. Remember the cut off date on advance orders (with the bonus free color print) for PACESETTER #4 (Teen Titans theme issue) is Apr 30th is the cut off date. I will take orders after that date, but you won't get the free print.

     January 23, 2004 | Pacesetter #3 Review
    From Vu
    PACESETTER #3 was released last Wednesday. This is a solid issue, with the theme of JLA/AVENGERS.

    The entire JLA/AVENGERS team, with the exception of the digital letterers of Comicraft and Dan Raspler, who was let go prior to the publication of JLA/AVENGERS #1, is interviewed for this issue. This kind of overshadowed Oliver Isabedra's interview, which I thought was a great interview.

    Tom Brevoort, Kurt Busiek, Tom Smith, Mike Carlin, and, of course, George Pérez all have something interesting to say about working on this massive project.

    Here is an excerpt from George's interview:

    COMICS INTERVIEW #6 (Aug 1983) JLA/AVENGERS #3 PREVIEW ART (2003), art by Perez, colors by Tom Smith. Published in MARVEL PREVIEWS #1.
    George Perez: Quite frankly, it did work out the best for me artistically. I wasn't a good enough inker in 1984 to really do my pencils justice, and while I have nothing but admiration and respect for Dick Giordano, I really do like to ink my own work whenever I can. I'm just too slow to do it on a regular basis. I've also matured as an artist, which I noticed especially on page 12 of issue 3 when I recreated the cover of COMICS INTERVIEW #6, the infamous JLA/AVENGERS issue that announced the troubles with the original crossover. I had to hold back from making too many corrections in the art in order to make the homage work, but there were some anatomical and proportional weakness that I had then which were a little unnerving to me now. Interestingly, there are some fans who actually preferred the older style - warts and all, as it were.

    As far as the expanded format is concerned, it allowed Kurt Busiek to really make this story expansive. Structurally, the initial 64 page story is pretty similar to the plot of the first two issues of the current mini-series, but Kurt really had room to add a lot [more] characterization and subtlety than Gerry Conway had. Also, the 20 years of anticipation gave both Kurt and me something to really live up to. I don't think Gerry's heart was as into the story as Kurt. It was a gimmick story then. And, basically, pretty much that's what it is now, but Kurt has made it so much more. He could have made this a by-the-numbers adventure, but Kurt's too good a writer for that and he knew he had expectations to meet. In many cases I think he exceeded them.

    PACESETTER #3 can be ordered from Tony Lorenz (email) for $7.95 US, $8.95 Canada, or $10.95 International. Please note that it is slightly cheaper to order directly from Tony and there may be a small fee if payments are received through Paypal.
     January 20, 2004 | Pacesetter #3 To Ship
    From Diamond

    Shipping This Week: January 21

    The following products are expected to ship to comic book specialty stores this week. Note that this list is tentative and subject to change. Please check with your retailer for availability.


     January 17, 2004 | Tony Lorenz at MegaCon 2004
    From Tony Lorenz (email), via Forum

    see you at the Mega Con
    Thread started on: 01/16/04 at 9:56pm

    Hi everyone, just want to let everyone know that I will be in the artist alley at this years Mega Con [ MEGACON 2004, ORLANDO, FLORIDA (March 5th - 7th, 2004) ], I would love to meet my readers and if you are missing an issue of my magazine I'll have them there for sale at my special convention price. If you want to order PACESETTER issue three, I have a very minium for sale, they are now going for regular cover price, $7.95 US, 8.95 Canada and 10.95 International (cash or paypal only for International), any questions, you can e-mail me at (email), thanks for the support and see you at the Mega Con.

     January 17, 2004 | Pacesetter #3 Mailed Out
    From Tony Lorenz (email), via Forum

    01/16/04 at 7:42pm

    I would say about 85 percent have the packages have been ship, and hope to have the rest out in the next few days.

     January 12, 2004 | Pacesetter #3 Available Soon
    From Tony Lorenz (email), via Forum

    01/12/04 at 3:52pm

    The books have been shipped, last Friday to me and to Diamond, I have the confirmation numbers, and the books to me are schedule for me to receive them Friday, 1/16, so everyone that has ordered, so everyone that has order, thank you. Tony L

     December 31, 2003 | Pacesetter #3 Printed
    From Tony Lorenz (email)

    Thread started on: 12/30/03 at 7:56pm

    Hi everyone, I just talked to my printer today, PACESETTER #3 was printed the day before Christmas, but unfortunately it wasn't able to ship because of the holidays, he is in the process of proofing the book and should ship to the distributer and to me in the next couple of days, so I should have my copies by middle of next week. The packages are ready to be ship, just waiting on the books. I want to thank everyone on there support on my magazine, it's because of all of you guys this magazine exists.

     December 11, 2003 | Pacesetter #3 Before Xmas?
    From Tony Lorenz (email)

    posted 12/11/03 4:27 AM

    There is a very good possibility that PACESETTER #3 could be ready before Christmas, that's what my printer has told me, that's great news to me. I'm in the process of getting all the envelopes ready for every one that has ordered, thanks gang.

     November 26, 2003 | Pacesetter #3 - Late December
    From Tony Lorenz

    posted 11/26/03 5:27 PM

    Just want to keep everybody informed on how the next issue of PACESETTER is going, printing starts December first so it looks like the end of December for release, I had some slight set backs, plus I had an added printing precedure that I hope will make my magazine look even better, I think it will. I want to thank everyone that advance order and to everyone that contributed to the issue, you all are the best. So I am looking for contributers for issues 4 and 5 (the Wonder Woman and Titan's issue, that's not the official order on how the issues will appear).

    Speaking of that I still need more votes on which you would like to see first, a Wonder Woman issue or a Titan's issue, deadline is December 31.

     November 1, 2003 | Pacesetter #3: Nov 6th, Cut-Off Date
    From Tony Lorenz (email)

    posted 11/1/03 9:04 PM

    Hi, just wanted to send out a reminder that November 6 will the last day I take orders for PACESETTER #3, e-mail me if you plan to order but the money won't arrive on or before the 6th, I'll reserve your order, but please only serious orders, please, I'll probably only over print this issue by about 25 copies, so don't miss out Perez fans. Thank you for everyone that has already order, and thanks for everyone that has supported my magazine, any questions, please e-mail me at (email)

     October 28, 2003 | New Pacesetter #3 Cover
    From Marcus Mebes and Tony Lorenz (email)

    PACESETTER #3 (Dec 2003)

    Reminder: order cut off date is November 6.

    To preorder, send $6.50 to:

      Tony Lorenz (email)
      8906 Railford Ct.
      Tampa, FL 33615

    (Vu: If you stare really hard at the cover of PACESETTER #3 (new cover), you'll see the rest of the cover of AVENGERS/JLA #4.)
     October 10, 2003 | Advance Orders for Pacesetter #3
    From Tony Lorenz (email)

    Now taking advance orders for PACESETTER #3
    posted 10/10/03 11:30 PM

    Hi, just want to let everyone know that I am now taking adance order for PACESETTER #3 (Avengers/JLA theme issue) Like previous issue it is square bound full color cover with black and white interiors, this issue will be 88 pages (24 pages more than a regular issue) it has interviews with everyone involved in the Avengers/JLA miniseries. The issue has lots of art, trivia and great articles by some of George's biggest fans. There's also news, letter section and theme checklist. The cover price is $7.50, but by ordering directly from me you can get it at the same price as the regular 64 page issue $6.50 US, $7.00 Canada and $10.00 international. It's not comfirmed yet, but the issue may be autographed by George as all previous issue have been. I need to have all orders by November 6 (I've got to let the printers know by then how many to print), now I'm not going to over print like I have in the past, so if you want to order, order now, because it maybe sold out quickly from me (It will be also available in comic stores also at regular cover price). Advance orders have really helped in paying for the printing, because, Diamond pays 30 days after they recieve there copies and I have to pay the printers before the books are shipped. You can order by paypal at (email) or check or money order to:

    Tony Lorenz (email)
    8906 Railford Ct.
    Tampa, Fl 33615

    International orders are cash or paypal only. And if you can't get the money to me before November 6, just e-mail me to reserve you issue and send the money as soon as you can. I want to thank everyone in advance for supporting my magazine.

    posted 10/10/03 11:36 PM

    Hi everyone, me again, the question of the issue for issue four of PACESETTER is "What do you want to read first, a Wonder Woman issue or a Teen Titans issue and why?" I need your response, which ever one has the most votes will be the next issue and the one that didn't win will be the following issue. There will be a third issue out next year, an issue celebrating George's 30 years in comics. So a lot of fun stuff coming from PACESETTER: THE GEORGE PEREZ MAGAZINE. Back issues are still avialable, write me for information.

     September 14, 2003 | Pacesetter #3 Needs Help
    From Tony Lorenz (email)

    Contributors needed for PACESETTER #3
    posted 9/12/03 5:42 PM

    I still need a few more responses to the question of the issue "What is your favorite Avengers and or JLA characters drawn by George and why?" Deadline is in two days, so come on PEREZ fans, everything is going really smooth so far, I'm only waiting on one last interview, I've got to write my editorial, and scan some more art in, most of that should be done today. Once I get all the material, I will start taking advance orders.

    One more thing, I still need somemore feed back on issue two, what did you think of the issue, good and bad. I need that in the next couple of days too. Thanks for all the support.

     September 2, 2003 | Pacesetter #3 Listed in Previews
    From PREVIEWS vol 13, #9

    PACESETTER #3 as seen in PREVIEWS vol 13, #9 (page 340)
     August 12, 2003 | Pacesetter #2 Arrived From Printer
    From Tony Lorenz (email)

    I have recieved PACESETTER #2
    posted 8/11/03 9:19 PM

    Just keeping everyone informed, I have received my copies from the printers, I am happy with the book, there will be another printing processes added next issue to make my book even better, I've lined up George for Friday to sign the books, now I'm just waiting to hear from Barbara to line up the rest of the creative team to do their part, I'm hoping Thursday, before I go to work. Everything is coming together. It's not to late to order, e-mail me for info at (email).

    Also, just to let you know how things are going with the Avengers/JLA theme issue, I've gotten two of the interviews back already, I've got two articles, another on the way, tweaking the checklist. Still waiting on response for question of the issue, trivia (Avengers/JLA) related, I've scanned a bunch of art for the gallery and we will have a fan gallery this issue and I promise to keep it to a minimum, I've got some very cool versions for the feature. Sept 15 is the deadline for contributing. Thanks for all the support.

     August 3, 2003 | Pacesetter Updates
    from Tony Lorenz (email)

    posted 8/3/03 6:30 PM

    Hi everyone, update one PACESETTER #2, I'm calling the printer tomorrow, I'm hoping the issue to be ready the first of next week, today, I'm getting all the envelopes ready for all the orders to ready to ship when I get the books and get them autographed, the good part is CrossGen is 5 minutes from my house, I can bring them by and get the entire creative team to autograph the advance order copies, still taking orders by the way, George is the only one that is a challenge, being he works at home.

    I'm hoping to I get the books this week, I'm on vacation from the day job, that would work out perfect, things haven't gone that smooth for me lately, but you never know my luck might change. Still need contributors for issue three, the drop-dead deadline is Sept 15 for contribution. I've already had all the interviews lined up (I've received two back already). I'm looking for couple more articles; it will be an Avengers/JLA theme issue. I need response for the question of the issue "What is your favorite Avengers and/or JLA character drawn by George and why?" I've received no response yet on this, so come on PEREZ FANS. My magazine is only good as the contributors, PACESETTER IS BY PEREZ FANS FOR PEREZ FANS. Thanks for all the support.

     July 17, 2003 | Pacesetter #3 Mock Cover
    From Tony Lorenz (email) and Marcus Mebes

    PACESETTER #3 Here's a mock cover and info on issue three of PACESETTER, this is not the final cover.

    Welcome to issue three of the PACESETTER: THE GEORGE PEREZ MAGAZINE. This issue is a AVENGERS/JLA theme issue, with interviews with George Pérez, Kurt Busiek, Tom Smith, Tom Brevoort, Mike Carlin and tentatively Pablo Marcus. There may be one more bonus interview. This issue has all the usual fun stuff, articles, art gallery, photo gallery, trivia, checklist news, letters of comment and much more. This issue will be 80 plus pages. Don't miss out on this issue that celebrates the most anticipated series in years. FOR PEREZ FANS BY PEREZ FANS. Full color front and back cover, squarebound and comic size.

     June 15, 2003 | Pacesetter #2 Update
    From Tony Lorenz (email), via Forum

    posted 6/15/03 7:42 PM

  • Hi everyone, there is some printing problems that I hope to have all corrected by Monday. I do want to say sorry about the delay to all that have ordered in advance, the money really does help me towards the printing cost. This magazine is truely a labor of love and not of making money.

    I am still taking orders for orders for issue two and I still have back issue available, e-mail me if you are interested at (email).

    Sometime next week I will annouce what I'm looking for the next issue, which will be out in November, the AVENGERS/JLA theme issue.

    One correction I do want to make is there is no free print when ordering PACESETTER #2, but the issue will be autographed by the entire creative team of Solus, truely a one of a kind of offer. Thanks for all the support and contributions to my magazine.

     May 31, 2003 | Pacesetter #3 in November
    From Tony Lorenz (email)

  • PACESETTER #3 and other information
    Sat, 31 May 2003 22:33:58 -0000

    Hi gang, just want to let everyone know that I will be in Ireland from the 5th of June until June 14th, so if you are e-mailing me or sending orders, you won't get a reply until I get back, all orders that I haven't mailed will be mailed out before I leave.

    I am still taking advance orders for PACESETTER #2, the book will be autographed by the entire creative team of Solus and $1.00 of every issue ordered will go to the ACTOR fund. The issue will be in the printers hands before I leave for Ireland.

    I still also have back issue still available, e-mail me if you are interested at (

    Now that I know the date for the AVENGERS/JLA mini-series. I am now going to set the date for PACESETTER #3 will be in November, when I get back from Ireland I will let everyone know what I need for the issue, this issue may well be a 100 pager, we'll see.

     October 7, 2002 | Pacesetter in Previews
    From Tony Lorenz
    Here's some more news and update on the next issue, PACESETTER #1 will be in December Preview instead of the November Preview as I had hoped, so that means the book will be out the end of January not the end of December. But I still plan to have the next issue out in March, I've decided on George's suggestion to break the issue up from a Crossgen/Avengers-JLA issue to a Crossgen issue, then the following issue a AVENGERS-JLA issue.

    Also with the help ES there is a 99% chance of an extra interview in issue #1 with writer Gerard (Ultraforce) Jones.

     August 12, 2002 | Submission Needed for GPN #4-6
    From Tony Lorenz, via George Pérez Group
    submissions needed for the GEORGE PEREZ NEWSLETTER #4, 5, and 6
    Mon, 12 Aug 2002 19:15:36 -0000

    Hi everyone, I want to let everyone know that I need submissions for #4 (the Independent issue), #5 (the Crossgen/Avengers/JLA issue), #6 (the all Teen Titans issue). My plan is to release issue 4 in December, issue 5 in March, and issue 6 in August, with a possible bonus surprise book in 2003. This depends all how quick I get submissions, and I can't do it without your help. Like the motto of my magazine for Perez fans, by Perez fans. I really need your help, e- mail me if you have any questions. Everyone who contributes and article gets the issue free. Right now I'm looking for articles related to the themes that I have mention above, again if you have any questions regarding submitting an article, please e-mail me. There has been a lot of people expressed interest in submitting an article, so come on gang. Vu? Shane? Andy? Issue 5 and 6 are going to be 100 + page issues. I want to thank everyone one past, present and future that contributes to my magazine.

    One more thing, I still need title suggestions for my magazine, if you think I should should change the name, what should I change it to. Winner will receive a lifetime subscription to my magazine.

    08/07/2006 21:38:14

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