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HOT STUF' (1973)

Ken Barr
Richard Corben
Publisher: Sal Quartuccio


George Pérez
George Pérez
George Pérez

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    HOT STUF' #1 (1973)
    Sal Quartuccio

    Some pages from Hot Stuf' #1

    posted May 13, 2011 10:55 AM by vu sleeper

    From, thanks to Ilke

    HOT STUF' #1 (1973)
    Sal Quartuccio
    Ink Stains 29: Hot Stuf 1
    By kenmeyerjr – April 1, 2011

    One of the best adult story zines of the 70s, Hot Stuf’ had a plethora of big names having a blast writing and drawing non-superhero hijinks!

    Hot Stuf’ 1: Summer 1974

    Editor and Publisher: Sal Quartuccio

    Way back in the 1970s, there sometimes was a fine line between what was a fanzine and what was a magazine or “prozine.” Hot Stuf’ probably fell more into the latter category. However, many artists and writers in the early part of their careers had work in the eight issues of this high quality publication, so I think it fits in Ink Stains just fine. You can find later issues on eBay, but this first issue is a little harder to come by. It was one of the first publications launched by entrepreneur and publishing hurricane Sal Quartuccio. He would go on to do many other magazines, books, and collections in his still thriving career.


    For those fans of George Perez’s professional comic work on titles such as The New Teen Titans, The Avengers, or any other of the 512 titles he has worked on so far (OK, I made that number up, but it does seem like he has done that many), this will be a bit of a surprise. A pleasant surprise, I am pretty sure. Think Kevin Smith meets Harry Potter, if you will. It certainly gave Perez a chance to have a blast drawing busty medieval babes, barbarians, sword fights and…well…more busty medieval babes! Check out a few pages here.

     August 4, 2002 | Hot Stuf'
    From bigguyscomics via Ebay
    This comic fanzine is Hot Stuff # 1 from 1974. It has 2 different 5-page stories by Richard Corben and a full-color Back cover by him as well. Cover by Ken Barr and stories inside by George Perez, Ernie Colon, and Rich Buckler. Also a full page illo of the Kent State tragedy by Neil Adams.