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TCP #3 (1976) The Comics Press

cover:  Mike Gustovich
Mike Machlan
TCP #3
Cover Price: $0.75
Publisher: The Comics Press

7-page Perez interview
1-page Perez checklist
1-page illo by Perez (with self portrait) inked on photocopy by Doug Herring
1-page illo of Creeper by Perez/Doug Herring
1-page illo of Sons of the Tiger by Perez/Ted Botsis

Scan from Harry Kremer Estate and information from THE PÉREZ ARCHIVES #1 (Jul 2001) and canada_bell, thanks to Ilke

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    "Fanzine" (pages)
    writer:  N/A
    art:  Mike Gustovich
    Neal Adams
    Mike Machlan
    Mike Zeck
    Jerry Ordway
    Gene Day
    George Perez
    William Messner-Loebs, Jr.
    Kerry Gammill
    colors:  N/A
    letters:  N/A
    editor:  N/A
    Information from n/a  

    TCP #3 (1976)
    The Comics Press

    News: Pérez Fanzines on Ebay

    October 29, 2004 10:29 pm
     From Vu (email)

    TCP #3 (1976)
    The Comics Press
    Bill-Dale Macinko Productions
    There's some nice big scans of various Perez-related items on ebay.
     April 29, 2003 | Site Update
    From Harry Kremer Estate, via Ebay

    TCP v. 2 #3

    Features a George Perez interview, checklist of his work. Contributors include: Mike Gustovich, Mike Machlan, Mercy Van Vlack, Neal Adams, Kay Cunnigham, Mike Zeck, Steve Clement, Neil Riele, Bill Wake, Jim McPherson, Jerry Ordway, larry Dickinson, Robert Clemente, Gene Day, Scott Gallery, George Perez, Douglas Herring, Don Forter, William Loebs Jr, Rick Livinston, Rick McCollum, Kerry Gammill, Frank Cerala, Rod Snyder, Bobby Wright, Ted Botsis.