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THE COMIC READER #166 (Mar 1979) ST

Richard Howell
George Pérez
Joe Sinnott
Date: Mar 1979
Cover Price: $1.00
Publisher: ST

From Andy Mangels:      Star*Burst, an original character conceived by James Farmer and drawn by George Pérez and inked by Joe Sinnott.
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    Fanzine (64 pages)
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    THE COMIC READER #166 (Mar 1979)

     January 7, 2001 | Site Update
    From prinny99, via ebay
      Early issues of this fanzine had a circulation of less than 2,500 copies each. Now with a larger fan base, it has grown in size to 10 1/4" x 7 " and 64 pages long. This fanzine featured news, reviews of the comic books of the day with excellent cover reproductions, very informative essays on foreign and alternate press publications, and choice syndicated comic strip reproductions that were current at the time including some older ones being reprinted here for the first time ever! Now with some interior color, and color covers, each issue also featured a newly commisioned front and back covers by some some of the greatest comic artists ever. This particular issue from 1979 features Richard Howell sub-mariner on the front cover and a george perez and joe sinnott original character for james farmer on the back cover! See picture below! This issue includes an article on european comics featuring asterix! As well as work By fred hembeck, chuck fiala and jim engel! The syndicated reprints are as as follows: modesty blaise by peter o' donnell & enrique romero , ben casey by neal adams , 1946 batman by bob kane , popeye by e.c. Segar , 1940's superman by Siegel & shuster , howard the duck by steve gerber & gene colan and star hawks by ron goulart & gil kane.