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THWIP! #84 (Apr 2003) Ivan A Martin

cover:  Rich Koslowski 
THWIP! #84
Date: Apr 2003
Cover Price: $2.50
Publisher: Ivan A Martin

80-100 copies only.
Features an interview with George Pérez, originally from on February 20, 2001. Conducted by telephone by Daniel C. Hartman.
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    "Fanzine" (22 pages)
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    THWIP! #84 (Apr 2003)
    Ivan A Martin

     May 28, 2003 | Tony's Tip Online
    From Vu

    Just wanted to point out that Tony's Tip full article on THWIP! #84 is available online:

    You can also find his excellent review of PACESETTER: THE GEORGE PEREZ MAGAZINE #1 on his weekly column.

     May 21, 2003 | Comix View Spotlight Perez
    From Vu

    The interview that was published in THWIP! #84 is available online at You do need to sign up for their e-zine in order to access their archives, however. Fortunately, signing up is painless, but you do need to have your cookies enabled! The referral section is a little confusing, and will only work if you know your referral's user name (in my case, it is "sleeper").

    Anyway, the article is in BIN: Archives: Newsletters: Issue #10.

    The interview is a little dated, but it's still worth reading.

    Here is an excerpt from the article:

    Feb. 20, 2001 
    by Daniel C. Hartman



    What's up people? Yours truly just got done talking to a guy one can truly call a living legend in the comics field and all I can say is, "WOW!" If you've been reading comics for long while, or even just a short while, I am sure you recognize my interviewee's name. George Perez has drawn a veritable who's who of comic book characters in his day. Best known for his incredible pencils, Mr. Perez also has done inks on and written some of the most famous characters in both the DC and Marvel Universes, as well as number of side projects for smaller publishers. Instead of listing all of his stellar accomplishments, let's hear them straight from the man himself. My fellow comic fans I am very happy to present: George Perez!

    COMIX VIEW: Hi, George, thanks for taking time to talk to me today. How are you doing? It was reported that you had some health concerns that lead to you wanting to cut back on your work a bit, how are you feeling?

    GEORGE PEREZ: I'm feeling good. Not as good as what I would like to feel, but still feeling better. I am diabetic, so my condition is very manageable with diet and exercise. The diet is easy, my wife keeps me on that, but the exercise is another story. I haven't managed to find an exercise buddy to help keep me going with that one yet! 

    CV:I am sure your wife keeps you on your toes with the diet.

    GP: Yes, she does!

     May 6, 2003 | Thwip! #85
    From Ivan A Martin

    Just so you know, while #84 has an interview with George Perez, the following issue, #85, features a Perez cover sketch of Wolverine. Issue #85 is completed, and will be getting printed within the next 5 days. Total print run is usually around 80 to 100 copies total.

     May 6, 2003 | Thwip! #84
    From COMICS BUYER'S GUIDE #1538 (9 May 03), thanks to Tony Lorenz

    written by Tony Isabella
    as published in COMICS BUYER'S GUIDE #1538 (9 May 03)
    websites:,, and

    Ivan A Martin produces his monthly Thwip! zine for the Marvel Zombie Society amateur press association and for the general audience. He handed me Thwip! #84 (Apr, $2.50) at Planet Comicon and it made for fun reading on my flight home.

    Thwip! was an impressive little zine: 40 5.5-inch by 8.5-inch pages, chock-full of mostly Marvel-centric articles and features.

    Inside the Rich Koslowski cover of Jim Tamphear of "The 3 Geeks," there were reviews of new and classic Spider-Man comics, reviews of other comics, a report from Megacon 2003, and interview with George Pérez, the script to last year's silent issue of Black Panther a Spider-Man mini-biography, and an assortment of reader comments, game pages, and other odds and ends. I'm in awe of Martin's doing this month in and month out.

    However, I must take issue with a portion of the Spidey mini-bio which credits Jack Kirby with the plot for the first Spider-Man story. Yeah, I know there remains a faction of fandom which would deny Stan Lee credit for any of the Marvel Comics super-heroes who made their debuts in the early 1960s, but any serious examination of the Spider-Man origin from AMAZING FANTASY #15 weighs heavily in favor of Lee (from the story standpoint) and artist Steve Ditko (from the visual standpoint). Kirby may have been the artist first assigned to the feature, but there's precious little, if anything, of his style in the published work. Kirby's contributions to the comics industry are immense, arguable as great or greater than any other creator who ever worked in the industry. There's no need to pad his already phenomenal resume.

    I think Thwip! will please fans of Marvel's super-heroes. You can get a copy of Martin's zine for $2.50 or, if you live in the United States, Mexico, or Canada, get a 12-issue subscription for $24. Send your check or money order to:

    Ivan A Martin
    4054 70th St
    Urbandale, IA 50322-2616

    Thwip! #84 earns three Tonys. For more on the Marvel Zombie Society, visit its website at