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THWIP! #85 (May 2003) Ivan A Martin

cover:  George Perez
THWIP! #85
Date: May 2003
Cover Price: $2.50
Publisher: Ivan A Martin

80-100 copies only.
Cover commissioned at the PLANET COMICON 2003 (29-30 Mar 2003), Overland Park, Kansas
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    "Fanzine" (40 pages)
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    THWIP! #85 (May 2003)
    Ivan A Martin

     May 6, 2003 | Thwip! #85
    From Ivan A Martin

    Just so you know, while #84 has an interview with George Perez, the following issue, #85, features a Perez cover sketch of Wolverine. Issue #85 is completed, and will be getting printed within the next 5 days. Total print run is usually around 80 to 100 copies total.

     May 6, 2003 | Thwip! #84
    From COMICS BUYER'S GUIDE #1538 (9 May 03), thanks to Tony Lorenz

    written by Tony Isabella
    as published in COMICS BUYER'S GUIDE #1538 (9 May 03)
    websites:,, and

    Ivan A Martin produces his monthly Thwip! zine for the Marvel Zombie Society amateur press association and for the general audience. He handed me Thwip! #84 (Apr, $2.50) at Planet Comicon and it made for fun reading on my flight home.

    Thwip! was an impressive little zine: 40 5.5-inch by 8.5-inch pages, chock-full of mostly Marvel-centric articles and features.

    Inside the Rich Koslowski cover of Jim Tamphear of "The 3 Geeks," there were reviews of new and classic Spider-Man comics, reviews of other comics, a report from Megacon 2003, and interview with George Pérez, the script to last year's silent issue of Black Panther a Spider-Man mini-biography, and an assortment of reader comments, game pages, and other odds and ends. I'm in awe of Martin's doing this month in and month out.

    I think Thwip! will please fans of Marvel's super-heroes. You can get a copy of Martin's zine for $2.50 or, if you live in the United States, Mexico, or Canada, get a 12-issue subscription for $24. Send your check or money order to:

    Ivan A Martin
    4054 70th St
    Urbandale, IA 50322-2616

    Thwip! #84 earns three Tonys. For more on the Marvel Zombie Society, visit its website at