SISTERHOOD OF SUPERHEROINES DT-434-01: Enter the Dragonfly (2000) Double Trouble

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SISTERHOOD OF SUPERHEROINES DT-434-01: Enter the Dragonfly
Date: 2000
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DT-434-01 ENTER THE DRAGONFLY featuring SHANNAN, DINA MARIE, STACY & CHRISTINE superheroine movies  a 54 minute topless fantasy!  The beautiful and bountiful Shannan Leigh joins the DT ranks of sexy superheroines as Dragonfly, the latest costumed crimefighter created by comics master GEORGE PÉREZ. In this double - length adventure Dragonfly receives an offer to investigate the disappearances of her sister heroines during the last few months. Her investigation initially leads her to a known thief (played by sultry Dina Marie) whom Dragonfly, strengthened by her power belt, tortures and beats mercilessly. Finally, Dina Marie agrees to show the gold - clad gladiator the special bracelets that the thief had supposedly been using to track the heroines. Unfortunately, Dragonfly has already put on the bracelets when she realizes that this was all a trap and that the bracelets actually neutralize her power. And Dina Marie turns out to be no mere petty thief. She transforms into the black - suited villainess called Princess Pain — and she absolutely relishes the chance to show the defenseless Dragonfly how she earned that name. By the time Dragonfly recovers from the assault she finds herself bound, gagged, unmasked and with her power belt stolen. After escaping her bonds, Dragonfly uses her mask's homing device to locate her stolen belt. She is led to a storage area where she not only finds her belt, but also Daisy Chain (Stacy Burke) who had been imprisoned by Satan Doll in Tape #427. As Dragonfly searches for Princess Pain's employers, Daisy Chain comes upon Corpus Christine (Christine Dupree) who, to Daisy Chain's shock, is now under the Overmind's malevolent control. Daisy Chain is totally overwhelmed by Corpus Christine's savage assault and, when the brunette catches Daisy Chain in a killer sleeper hold, it looks like the end for the blonde beauty. But, the tide of battle turns against Corpus Christine when Dragonfly jumps back into battle and starts pummeling the possessed black - caped crusader. However, even as Dragonfly's moment of triumph seems imminent, the unconscious Daisy Chain begins to stir — with a strange glow in her eyes.

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    "Enter the Dragonfly"  
    writer:  George Perez
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    SISTERHOOD OF SUPERHEROINES DT-434-01: Enter the Dragonfly (2000)
    Double Trouble