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SUPER-HOMEM ESPECIAL #2 (Brazil) (1989)

cover: George Perez
Editora Abril (

"Superman On Earth" (22 pages)

George Pérez
George Pérez (breakdowns)/Brett Breeding
Brett Breeding
Glenn Whitemore
Bill Oakley
Mike Carlin/Jonathan Peterson (assist)

Originally printed in ACTION COMICS #643 (Jul 1989)

Cover scan from, thanks to Ilke

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    SUPERMAN #1 (Summer 1939)
    ACTION COMICS #643 (Jul 1989)

    SUPER-HOMEM ESPECIAL #2 (Brazil) (1989)

    SUPERMAN #72 (Spain) (1990)

    SUPERMAN CLASSIC #32 (Italy) (1997)

    LE AVVENTURE DI SUPERMAN #28 (Italy) (2007)



    SUPERMAN DIE-CAST (Ertl) (1990)


    News: Superman #1 Statue

    March 12, 2006 02:35 am
    SUPERMAN #1 (Summer 1939), Cover art by Joe Shuster ACTION COMICS #643 (Jul 1989) SUPERMAN #1 STATUE (Mar 2006)
    Superman #1 Statue
    Catch the Wave, Scoop, Friday, March 10, 2006

    Longtime fans of the Man of Steel have been waiting for this release for quite some time. The first in DC's new Superman Cover to Cover series, this phenomenal statue highlights our enduring hero as he appeared on the cover of Superman #1, based on artwork of Superman co-creator Joe Schuster.

    Each release in this series will recreate in three dimensions the original art of a different classic Superman comic book cover. The artwork on one side of the box has the figure of Superman removed, so the statue can be displayed in front of it to re-create the cover image in three dimensions.

    Superman #1 is limited to 2,500.

    News: Superman #1/Action Comics #643

    August 25, 2005 11:47 pm
     From Ian Trott (email)
    SUPERMAN #1 (Summer 1939), Cover art by Joe Shuster ACTION COMICS #643 (Jul 1989)

    CAPTAIN MARVEL (1993), art by Tom Grummett

    CAPTAIN BRITAIN (2000), pencilled by Ron Lim, inked by Robert Jones

    CAPTAIN BRITAIN TATTOO (2000), based on art by Ron Lim
    I'm a big Perez fan also and I first found the Homages page and saw the cover to Superman #1, Action Comics #643 and a cover to someone's indy comic with their character in the same pose.

    I don't know how (or if) I can add anything so thought I'd send an e-mail and offer my own pieces for your site if you'd like to share them with others.

    The first is a lightly pencilled image of Captain Marvel (I've had to darken the image on computer to print) by Tom Grummett that I had him draw for me at UKCAC (United Kingdon Comic Art Convention) in 1993 showing CM in the Superman #1 pose. I'm from the UK but live in CA, USA now.

    The second is a 11" x 17" commission I had done in 2000 by Ron Lim, inked by Robert Jones and shows Captain Britain in new costume designed by Alan Davis. This is also based on the pose from Superman #1 although Cap is facing the opposite way.

    The third is my tattoo using the art from my Captain Britain commission. I also have a tattoo of Marvelman and in the next few months am getting CB in original costume, followed by my Captain Marvel art by Tom Grummett.

    Right now, and the reason I was after the image from Action #643 (I have a copy framed on the wall but just wanted to quickly print one out), is that I already have a Superman S Sheld tattoo and under it I'm looking at either Superman from Superman #1 or George's Action #643 version.

    Trouble is that I can't decide which. I want to go with the original becase it is the original but then also love Perez's work and that Superman cover in particular.

    Anyway, sorry to have rambled on and hope I didn't get confusing. As I've used the whole Superman #1 pose for some original art and I'm now basing my tattoo's 'round it as well I just kind of wanted to share it with some others.

    News: Superman #1 Statue

    June 05, 2005 11:37 pm
    Sculpted by Tony Cipriano

    This is the first in a series of affordably priced statues that feature Superman as he appeared on classic covers from his long history! The famous cover to Superman #1 by Joe Shuster is an icon on its own, and now it's brought to three-dimensional life in this accurately sculpted statue by Tony Cipriano. This limited-edition, hand-painted cold-cast porcelain statue measures approximately 7.5" tall x 6.5" wide 3" deep and is packaged in a 4-color box.
    $55.00 US | On Sale January 25, 2006

    SUPERMAN #1 (Summer 1939), Cover art by Joe Shuster ACTION COMICS #643 (Jul 1989), Cover art by George Perez. SUPERMAN: COVER TO COVER: SUPERMAN #1 Statue (Jan 2006), Sculpted by Tony Cipriano
     March 24, 2004 | Shadowflame #4 Cover Colored
    From Joe Martino

    Shadowflame Homage Colored
    Thread started on: 03/23/04 at 08:35am

    I am very happy with the way this cover has been recieved. As a big fan of George I hope you all like it too. Colors by new Shadowflame colorist Dash Martin.

    SHADOWFLAME #4 (Pencils) (2003), art by Joe Martino SHADOWFLAME #4 (Jan 2004), art by Joe Martino/Peter Palmiotti SHADOWFLAME #4 (Mar 2004), art by Joe Martino/Peter Palmiotti, colored by Dash Martin
     January 20, 2004 | Shadowflame #4 Cover Inked
    From Joe Martino

    Shadowflame Homage inked
    Thread started on: 01/19/04 at 6:04pm

    I am a huge fan of George and I penciled this Homage. I got it back from my inker today and wanted to share it with all of you.

    SUPERMAN #1 (Summer 1939), Cover art by Joe Shuster ACTION COMICS #643 (Jul 89), Cover art by George Perez. SHADOWFLAME #4 (Pencils) (2003), art by Joe Martino SHADOWFLAME #4 (Jan 2004), art by Joe Martino/Peter Palmiotti
     September 30, 2003 | Shadowflame #4
    From Joe Martino

    Shadowflame 4 cover. Homage to George's Superman
    posted 9/30/03 8:08 AM

    I am a huge George Perez fan. I am also a huge Superman fan and I am working on a story where Shadowflame finds out he is not the first to wear the costume (or a reasonable facimile of it). So I did an Homage of Superman #1. I used George's Action Comics cover and the original for reference (plus added a little of myself) I am always being told I am an old school looking artist. I always take it as a compliment. Here it is:

    SUPERMAN #1 (Summer 1939), Cover art by Joe Shuster ACTION COMICS #643 (Jul 89), Cover art by George Perez. SHADOWFLAME #4 SHADOWFLAME #4, art by Joe Martino
     November 24, 2002 | Site Update
    [ Homages ] Added
  • SUPERMAN #1 (Summer 1939), Cover art by Joe Shuster
  • ACTION COMICS #643 (Jul 89), Cover art by George Perez.
  •  August 15, 2002 | SCCB: Sachs & Violens
    From Vu

    The book is called THE STANDARD CATALOG OF COMIC BOOKS (ISBN 0-87341-916-2), and is written by the same people who edits and publishes COMIC BUYERS GUIDE. It is a little expensive at $34.95, but it's worth it if you're a collector as it is a good price guide and checklist, and for the fact that it's 1237 pages long.

    Although, in most guides, they do tend to miss certain variant comics and/or just plain inaccurate. I just checked the 31st Edition to OVERSTREET'S COMIC BOOK PRICE GUIDE, which is the latest version, and it still lists DARK HORSE #50 as having a Pérez story (see "Settlements").

    Anyway, in addition to a summary of some titles, SCCB also list, in some cases, Diamond Preorder numbers and Capital City's order numbers. What I found very interesting is that THE NEW TEEN TITANS: THE JUDAS CONTRACT TP is quite rare! According to this book, Capital City only received and shipped 2,500 copies (note this number does not include Diamond Distribution).

    Compare this number to some other, like ACTION COMICS #643 (Capital City: 35,100), BATMAN #400 (Capital City: 27,650), THE NEW TITANS #50 (Capital City: 18,750), PRIME #15 (Capital City: 14,450), CRISIS #3 (Capital City: 42,050), CRIMSON PLAGUE #2 (Diamond Preorders: 23,680), and WONDER WOMAN #168 (Diamond Preorders: 27,185).

    I am saving the last bit for AVENGERS #1 (vol 3), which they listed the following:

    AVENGERS #1 (vol 3)

    Circulation Statement: 166,903
    Diamond Preorders: 194,439
    Statement, filed 10/1/97,; avg print run 209,391; avg sales 163,342; avg subs 2,704; avg total paid 166,046; samples 270; office use 125; max existent 166,441; 21% of run returned

    The book was actually designed as a price guide, but I mostly find the circulation statements more interesting than the actual list value. Personally, I always think a value of a comic book is based on the buyer's wants and needs (not dictated by a book). I disagree with some of the prices on the catalogue - just like you'd find WIZARD's pricing ridiculous.

    The induction of Comics Guaranty LLC (CGC) in the price guide, I find a little annoying. I don't believe in CGC and I find the people buying them at extraordinary prices a little crazy. For about $600 for a perfect "10" SPAWN #1, you can get a pretty cool three figures unique George Pérez artwork, or heck, get yourself a new digital camera. Basically, the guide lists how many comics were CGC'ed and what the highest number it got. For instance, INHUMANS #1 there were 32 sent in to be graded and the best of the lot is a grade of 9.6. According to this guide, we're supposed to multiply 7 to its worth (which is valued at $8), so a CGC 9.6 INHUMANS #1 should fetch about $56.

    As always, opinions expressed here are strictly my own. Buy this book, it's worth it!