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OS NOVOS TITÃS #7 (Brazil) (1986)

cover: George Perez
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    NEW TEEN TITANS #23 (Aug 1986)

    OS NOVOS TITÃS #7 (Brazil) (1986)

    LOS NUEVOS TITANES #7 (Spain) (1987)

    CLASICOS DC #24: NUEVOS TITANES (Spain) (Jul 2008)
    cover: George Pérez
    OS NOVOS TITÃS #7 (Brazil)
    Editora Abril

    Comic Book (80 pages)

    writer: Marv Wolfman
    penciler: George Pérez
    inks: Romeo Tanghal
    Leoardo Bussadori
    Clayton Montichel, Ferando Algaba
    editors: Sadika Osmann, Sergio Figueiredo Pinto, Mario Barroso, Elzabeth de Fiore

    Translated and reprinted in Portuguese, originally printed in NEW TEEN TITANS #24, cover is from NEW TEEN TITANS vol 2, #23. Also include other reprints, a total of 80 pages and is digest size (4x6").
    Scan and information from Luca HQ.

    NEW TEEN TITANS #23 (Aug 1986) OS NOVOS TITÃS #7 (Brazil) (1986)
    LOS NUEVOS TITANES #7 (Spain) (1986)

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