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SILVER SURFER #8 (France) (Sep 1997) Panini Comics

cover:  Unknown
Date: Sep 1997
Cover Price: 

Originally printed in:

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    "La grande traversée"/" Les eaux noires"/"Un ennemi invincible !"/"Une nuit sur Terre" (48 pages)  
    writer:  George Perez
    Ron Marz
    Tom Brevoort
    Mike Kanterovich

    art:  Tom Grindberg
    Scott Benefiel
    Steve Carr
    Ron Lim
    Dante Bastianoni
    Pino Rinaldi
    Bill Anderson
    Jasen Rodriguez
    Terry Austin
    Steve Montano

    colors:  Tom Vincent
    Bob Almond
    Mike Miller
    letters:  Ken Bruzenak
    editor:  Mark Gruenwald
    SILVER SURFER #113 (Feb 1996)
    Marvel Comics
    SILVER SURFER #8 (France) (Sep 1997)
    Panini Comics