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SUPER STAR COMICS #2 (France) (Apr 1986)

cover:  Neal Adams
Apr 1986
12 FF/1,83 EUR
Aredit/DC Comics

Translated into French, originally printed in DETECTIVE COMICS #400, DETECTIVE COMICS #402, DETECTIVE COMICS #407, NEW TEEN TITANS #3 (Nov 1984) and NEW TEEN TITANS #4 (Jan 1985)
Special thanks to Jérôme Wicky
Cover scan from

"Le pari de l'Homme Chauve-Souris"/"Ami ou ennemi"/"Mariage : impossible"/"Souls as White as Heaven... As Black as Hell"/"Torment!"/"L'ennemi invisible" (70 pages)
Marv Wolfman/various
George Pérez/various
Romeo Tanghal/various
Adrienne Roy/various
Todd Klein/various
Marv Wolfman/various

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    SUPER STAR COMICS #2 (France) (Apr 1986)

     December 30, 2003 | French Translations
    From Jérôme Wicky

    First of all, a happy new year 2004 to you. Congrats on your site, it rocks ! Just a few things about the Foreign books page:

  • Les Nouveux Jeunes Titans #1 (Canadian French) (rep; CP, IP)
  • Les Nouveux Jeunes Titans #2 (Canadian French) (rep; CA, IP)
  • Les Nouveux Jeunes Titans #3 (Canadian French) (rep; CA, IP)
  • Les Nouveux Jeunes Titans #4 (Canadian French) (rep; CA, IP)

    About these books by Editions Heritage : it should be noted that these are the Canadian, French-translated edition of the Teen Titans, not the French edition. The French Edition was released in the 1980s by Editions Aredit, and the translation was different.

    As for this book, CRISIS ON INFINITE EARTHS #2 (French), it is French indeed. But it includes more than just translations of Crisis #s 4 and 5 : also included is Marv Wolfman and Bob Mc Leod's "Crisis, the Untold Story". I should know, I translated the damn thing ! ;-) But since you're running a George Perez site and not a McLeod site, the omission is understandable...

    This is actually the second time Crisis is published in France, the first time being by Aredit in "Super Star Comics" #s 3 to 12, in 1986. More information and a cover gallery are available at

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