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AVENGERS #14 (India) (Dec 2004) Gotham Comics

cover:   George Pérez
AVENGERS #14 (India)
Date: Dec 2004
Cover Price: RS 15
Publisher:  Gotham Comics

Originally printed in AVENGERS #15 (Sep 1999)

Information from vu
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    "The Three-Fold Path" (22 pages) 
    writer:  Kurt Busiek
    art:  George Perez
    Al Vey
    Scott Koblish
    colors:  Tom Smith
    letters:  RS
    editor:  Tom Brevoort
    Bob Harris (chief)
    Information from vu   

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    AVENGERS #14 (India) (Dec 2004)
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    News: JLA/Avengers Poster (India)

    August 07, 2005 10:54 am
     From Vu (email)
    I got this poster (with some other Gotham Comics) from Yusuf Madhiya (email) the other day. Thanks Yusuf!

    I wanted to show you what the poster looks like, it was folded and came free with the purchase of DC COMICS PRESENTS #16 (India).

    I might have mentioned this before, but Gotham Comics is actually based out of New Jersey. They do reprints of Marvel and DC Comics for India, Singapore, Bangladesh, Nepal, and Sri Lanka.

    The last reprint of George Pérez's work was in AVENGERS #14 (India).

    News: India's Avengers #14, Last Pérez Issue?

    December 01, 2004 09:10 pm
     From Yusuf Madhiya (email)

    AVENGERS #14 (India) (Dec 2004)
    Gotham Comics

    DC COMICS PRESENTS #19 (India) (Dec 2004)

    Just got JLA/Avengers #4 and Avenger #14 (which will be last issue drawn by perez :( ). The next run will be Avengers: Dissassembled.

    Sadly my scanner is still stuck & I'm REALLY busy to do anything about it.