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STAR MAGAZINE ORO #1 (Italy) (Jan 1991)

cover:  Mike Zeck
 John Beatty
Jan 1991
L 10,000
Star Comics

Originally printed (with covers) in UNCANNY X-MEN ANNUAL #3 (1979) and AVENGERS #192 (Feb 1980)
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"Tess-One"/"Arriva Il Pendolare"/"Incubo Della Città D'Acciaio" /"Campo Di Battaglia: Pittsburgh!"/"Una Mente Perduta"/"Fiamme Nel Cielo"/"L'Attacco Di Arkon!"/"Promesse"/"Contro Attilan" (196 pages)
writer: Mark Gruenwald, Peter David, David Michelinie, John Byrne, Chris Claremont, Alan Brennert, Mary Jo Duffy Ralph Macchio
translation: Andrea Plazzi, Pier Paolo Ronchetti
penciler: Mike Zeck/John Beatty/ Bob McLeod, Arvell Jones, Sal Buscema , John Byrne , Frank Miller, Klaus Janson, Alan Weiss, George Perez
inker: Joe Rubinstein, Bob McLeod, Joe Sinnott, Ricardo Villamonte, Dan Green, John Byrne, Terry Austin, Klaus Janson, Alan Weiss
colors: Luca Loletti, Giuliana Baiocco,
letters: Glynis Oliver,Bob Sharen , Andy Yanchus Klaus Janson , Lee Ellis
editors: Mike Carlin/Jim Owsley, Jim Salicrup, Roger Stern, Al Milgrom/Jim Shooter

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    STAR MAGAZINE ORO #1 (Italy) (Jan 1991)

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