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AVENGERS/JLA #2 (Mexico) (Jan 2004) Grupo Editorial Vid

cover:  George Perez
AVENGERS/JLA #2 (Mexico)
Date: Jan 2004
Cover Price:  
Publisher: Grupo Editorial Vid


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    AVENGERS/JLA #2 (Mexico) (Jan 2004)
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     April 10, 2004 | JLA/A In Mexico
    From Mundo Vid, thanks to Luis Fuentes

    JLA/Avengers # 1
    Un viaje al misterio.
    Kurt Busiek, George Pérez.
    Cat: Superhéroes
    $ 35.00 pesos mexicanos
    27 de Octubre de 2003

    Avengers/JLA #2
    Kurt Busiek, George Pérez.
    Cat: Superhéroes
    $ 35.00 pesos mexicanos

    JLA/Avengers # 3
    Cat: Superhéroes
    $ 37.00 pesos mexicanos
    23 de Marzo de 2004

    (Vu: Although no information is given for #2, presumably because it's currently sold out on the website, the cover to #2 is located here: