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RENNA #1 (Spain) (Jun 2000)


George Pérez
Salvador Molina
Daniel Marco
López Espí
RENNA (Spain)
#1 (of 4)
Jun 2000
250 Pts /1,5 Euros ($3.00)
Burz Cómics

"" (32 pages)

J.A. Rubio
D. Zarzuelo
Salva Molina

Spanish, black and white comic book

  • Spain: Renna (Spain)
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    RENNA #1 (Spain) (Jun 2000)

    10 Years of Renna

    posted Oct 3, 2010 11:03 AM by vu sleeper

    From Contact

    J.A.Rubio writes 10/3/2010 10:28:51:

    RENNA #1 (Spain) (Jun 2000)
    This month marks 10 years of the "birth" in comics Renna and to celebrate in addition to changing the intro to @ fter-studio, we have opened a blog where you can get to know the character.

    From today, at least during the entire month of October, will have a daily entry in the new blog of Renna. We illustrations, comics, characters, great authors doing their versions of it, curios and everything you can think of.

    We are also open to participation, so ... What to expect?

    All this and more here.                   

    El mundo de Renna

    Great picture of George Perez

     May 24, 2001
    From Burz Cómics, translated by Babelfish
    Renna in the desert of the Tyrks becomes the first dedicated miniseries the personage. In four numbers issues to read as Renna enters in the frightful desert of the Tyrks putting its life in danger. In addition podreis to close by know more details on the life to Renna and seguireis the plans the magician. The miniseries of Renna starts endorsed by authors of first line in the cover and backcover, but this will not happen single in this number the collaborations will follow in the following numbers.
     May 24, 2001
    From Andy Mangels
    Just wanted to let you know about George's second foreign comic cover, recently printed in Spain.

    To see information (in Spanish) about the comic, go to: Renna

    Click on the link "Portada" to see the cover by George Pérez and inked by Salvador Molina. George told me that it was a convention sketch he did while in Spain last fall.

    08/08/2002 00:41:56