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AVENGERS UNITED #61 (UK) (Dec 2005)

cover: George Perez
Joe Sinnott
Dec 2005

Comic Book/"...The Trial!" (76 pages)

writer: Geoff Johns/Steve Sadowski/Jim Shooter
penciler: Larry Leiber/Jack Kirby/George Pérez
inker: Pablo Marcos

Originally printed in AVENGERS (Vol 3) #76, AVENGERS #160 (Jun 1977), AVENGERS #161 and JOURNEY INTO MYSTERY #83.

  • Marvel Comics: Avengers: Avengers (1963)
  • United Kingdom: Avengers (UK)
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    AVENGERS UNITED #61 (UK) (Dec 2005)


    News: Avengers United #61

    January 01, 2006 10:24 am
    Avengers United #61
    Thursday, December 15, 2005 6:29:16 AM

    AVENGERS UNITED #61 (UK) (Dec 2005)
    In This Issue

    76 pages of Earth's Mightiest Comic!

    Jack of Hearts faces a dramatic test when Ant-Man’s daughter is kidnapped! Is this the young Avenger's final battle...?

    Also: two more classic adventures! The Grim Reaper returns and places the Vision and Wonder Man on trial! Then Ant-Man appears, with no memory of his years as an Avenger – but why? The answer will chill you!

    Plus: a Marvel Milestone! Don't miss the origin of Thor, as the God of Thunder battles the Stone Men from Saturn!

    Story and art by Geoff Johns, Steve Sadowski, Jim Shooter, George Pérez, Larry Leiber and Jack Kirby!

    Includes material reprinted from Avengers (vol 3) #76, Avengers (vol 1) #160-161 and Journey into Mystery #83.

    Issue Number: 61
    Price: £2.40
    Most Recent Issue: Thursday 15th December
    Published: Every 4 weeks
    Format: 76 page, full colour 'Collectors Edition'

    10/03/2006 01:29:40

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