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cover:  Phil Jimenez
Nov 2006
Titan Books (

Originally solicited with George Perez cover artwork.
Book is exactly the same as DC Comics' version, but distributed in the UK and Ireland by Titan Books.



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    Titan Books
    News  Sun, 31 Dec 2006 11:19:32 CST Vu
    From Vu
      I just found out that is the official distributor of DC Comics' books in the UK and Ireland. It would make sense to me that DC prints their book and ship them over to Titan with little or no changes to the interior or covers - but it seems that they may have gotten a different cover for INFINITE CRISIS: THE COMPANION. This could be a mock-up cover (since is listing the US cover), but the image was uploaded on December 11th, 2006. If you live in Europe, please verify this cover for me?

    Monday, December 11, 2006 7:34:45 AM


    Infinite Crisis: The Companion
    Various Writers & Artists
    Cover by Various

    The universe-shattering events of Infinite Crisis were too big to contain in just one book! Former Checkmate agent Sasha Bordeaux (The OMAC Project) must deal with the threat of a still-sentient Brother Eye; the Shadowpact (Day of Vengeance) fight to ensure that the Ninth Age of Magic can even begin; a new mission beckons for Catman and his ragtag team of villains (Villains United); and in deep space, two civilizations struggle to rebuild after The Rann/Thanagar War! Written and drawn by a host of comics' most talented and popular creators, this is the ultimate companion to the Infinite Crisis story!

    Graphic Novel ISBN: 1 84576 378 5
    Click here to order a copy
    UK & Ireland customers only