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    FANTASY ADVERTISER #92 (UK) (1985)

    Fantasy Advertiser #92 (UK)

    posted Apr 11, 2010 5:31 PM by vu sleeper

    From ewan_b, thanks to Ilke

    FANTASY ADVERTISER #92 (UK) (1985)
    Fantasy Advertiser no.92

    Great issue of the long-running UK Comics Fanzine with original Alan Moore content and unique art

    Eagle Awards 1985 Results feature (Alan Moore wins 7, with "Mallard Moore" spoof photo) 1pg, DC Comics Presents no.85 & Superman Annual no.11 review 1pg, Crisis on Infinite Earths no.7 review, Chris Claremont, Dan Green, Anne Nocenti & John Romita Jnr. joint interview & photo's ("The X-Men Team") 3pg, Martin Hand "The Place - Steve Englehart portrait & The Avengers" advert 1/2pg, Centre-spread advert for "The Place" showing a poker game involving the following characters: John Buscema "Captain America" art, George Perez "Starfire" art, Garry Leach "The Hulk" art, John Bolton "Conan" art, Mike McMahon "Judge Caligua" art, Steve Dillon "Hawker" art, Brian Bolland "The Joker" art, 2pg, "100 Issues of the New X-Men" feature 3pg, Kev F Sutherland "Best of British - why Battle Action Force is crap" feature 1pg,"A Little Respect" George Herriman & Krazy Kat feature 1pg, Alan Moore "Writing for Comics Part 1" feature 3pg, "Software Superheroes" Super-Hero computer games feature 1pg, Dez Skinn letter on the comics industry 1pg, Kev F Sutherland "the Wednesday Column" (in style of Eddie Campbell) strip 1pg