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PLANET OF THE APES #10 (UK) (28 Dec 1974) Marvel Comics International

cover:  George Perez
Mike Esposito
Date: 28 Dec 1974
Cover Price: 8p

Published weekly.

Scan by Jack Malley, Information from

Information from vu
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    Information from vu   

    PLANET OF THE APES #10 (UK) (28 Dec 1974)
    Marvel Comics International

    George Perez's second cover artwork published in Planet of the Apes #10 (UK)

    posted Mar 27, 2016, 5:50 PM by Vu Nguyen

    PLANET OF THE APES #10 (UK) (28 Dec 1974)
    Marvel Comics International
    George Perez writes:

    Now this is something I haven't seen in over 4 decades. This was a cover for the British reprints of Marvel's PLANET OF THE APES black and white magazine done in the 1970s. This was obviously drawn for the concluding chapter of the original movie adaptation and was rarely seen outside of the UK. The inker was the late Mike Esposito, who was also the first man to ink me when I turned pro. I believe this was the second cover I ever pencilled professionally (the first being CREATURES ON THE LOOSE #34) Thanks once again to the ever-vigilant Ilke Hincer for locating this.

     Jun 13, 2004 09:36 pm | Apes Fanzine Seeking George
    From Vu

    John Roche from Simian Scrolls, Planet of the Apes Fanzine, is hoping to contact George Pérez or others who knows anything about George's involvement with cover art for the PLANET OF THE APES Marvel UK Weekly comics.

    He can be contacted at gill_roche(a), you must have javascripts turned on to view the email, this is done for spam purposes. Apologies to anti-scripts users.