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SHI / CRIMSON PLAGUE POSTER (1996) Event Comics/Crusade

cover:   George Perez
Date: 12 Jun 00
Cover Price:  $6.95
Publisher: Event Comics/Crusade

Was one of two posters (23x36) given away free at:
Photography by ES

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    Event Comics/Crusade


     January 29, 2004 | Heritage Auction (Jan 04)
    From Vu

    This month's Heritage Auction turned up some interesting Perez-related items. Although they have more listing, these are the most interesting that heritagegalleriesandauctioneers is offering on ebay.


    WONDER WOMAN (1989), published in WONDER WOMAN ANNUAL #2 (Sep 1989)

    George Perez - Original Pin Up Art for Wonder Woman Annual #2 (DC, 1989). A superb, iconic image of the Amazon Princess by the legendary George Perez, complete with golden lasso motif. Perez is a master of the female form, and nowhere is this more evident than when he's drawing Wonder Woman. This powerfully sexy image would make a great addition to any WW collection. 11" x 17", in excellent condition. Estimate: $1,000-up


    George Perez - Original Shi and Crimson Plague Pin Up (1996). George Perez shows his mastery at drawing the beautiful female form as Shi faces off against Crimson Plague in this dramatic design. The image was used as the basis for a poster given out at The New York International Sci-Fi & Fantasy Creators Convention in 2003. George Perez excels at creating a totally unique body type, face, and even individualized body language for each of his characters. As a superbly talented artist, he does not rely on a formula or schemata for his figure work. The art paper is 12" x 17.5" with an image area of 11" x 16". George has signed the piece in the lower right corner and autographed it again, below that. The condition of the art is excellent, no paper damage or white-out at all. A gorgeous piece of art featuring two lovely heroines in action! Estimate: $2,000-up

    TEEN TITANS (1998), published in THE NEW TEEN TITANS ARCHIVES vol 1

    George Perez - Original Art Teen Titans Pin Up (DC, 1998). George Perez has assembled the Teen Titans together for this dramatic pin-up image! The art is in exceptional condition, no white-out, or paper quality flaws, with super-clean inking. All of the Titans are in full costume and having lots of fun, judging by the smiles on their faces. The art paper is 11.25" x 17" with an image area of 9.75" x 14". George Perez has signed the piece twice, once inside the circular form, and again in the lower right corner of the page. A treasure for any George Perez fan. Estimate: $2,500-up Estimate: $2,000-up

    HARPIES (1991), published in WAR OF THE GODS #2 (Direct)

    Chris Sprouse and George Perez - Original Pin-Up Art for War of the Gods #2 (DC, 1992). Four harpies screech and gnash their teeth in this superb pin-up from War of the Gods #2 by Chris Sprouse (best known for his work on Supreme and Tom Strong), slicked-over with lustrous inks by the great George Perez. This piece is wicked-cool any way you slice it. Measures 11" x 17" on standard DC stock. Estimate: $500-up

     July 1, 2003 | CP Posters Free at NYC 2003
    From ES

    Here are two scans of the posters that were given away.


    Event Comics/Crusade
    May 26, 2000
    From Diamond Comics

    by George Perez

    Master illustrator and fan favorite George Perez brings together his highly anticipated Gorilla title Crimson Plague and Billy Tucci's sensual samurai Shi in this gorgeous poster. This 23-by-36-inch, full-color poster is printed on 100-lb. coated poster stock, and comes rolled in a plastic sleeve. Expected to ship 6/12/00. (8227)

    (APR005073E) Poster, 23x36, FC (Note Price)..........$6.95