SOUTHERN KNIGHTS #35 (Sep 1992) Hero Graphics

cover:  George Perez
Date: Sep 1992
Cover Price: $3.50

Chapter two of the Morrigan Wars

Reprinted in:

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      "The Return Of The Southern Knights" (26 pages) 
    writer:  Henry Vogel
    Dennis Mallonee
    art:  Lou Manna    
    Mark Propst
    colors:  N/A
    letters:  N/A
    editor:  N/A
    SOUTHERN KNIGHTS #35 (Sep 1992)
    Hero Graphics

    Hero Graphics

    Hero Graphics

    CHAMPIONS #48 (Oct 2010)

    CHAMPIONS #48 (Digital) (29 Apr 2015)

    Hero Graphics Super "Sampler"?
    News Mon, 29 Jan 2007 04:05:03 CST Ilke
    From Ilke
    Here's an ebay auction where the 100-page book is referred to as 'Super Sampler' instead of 'Super Spectacular.'

    Item number 320075075494: Southern Knights George Perez Hero Graphics Comic
    End time: Jan-30-07 10:16:08 PST
    Seller: luvet

    Hero Graphics

    Hero Graphics
    Southern Knights
    Super Team Of The South
    Comics Interview Publication #35
    The Morrigan Wars! Chapter 2

    Hero Graphics Super Sampler 1992

    100 page comic book with actual copies of early issues of Champions #3, Captain Thunder and Blue Bolt, Eternity Smith #3,

    Comic book is assembled kind of strange with some of the comics upside down?

    Condition is good, but the semi hard cover has a wave from improper storage, no tears.

    Collectible comic book.

    News: Hero Graphics Super Spectacular #1
    March 05, 2006 02:01 am
     From Ilke  

    Hero Graphics
    I think the cover accompanying Mile High Comics' listing for Southern Knights #35 at 76853690294%2035 is actually the cover to Hero Graphics Super Spectacular.

    As seen in your checklist listing, as well as the listing at the cover of Southern Knights #35 does NOT have the heading "They're back! With George Perez!", while the Mile High Comics listing clearly DOES have it. Hero Graphics Super Spectacular was published before Southern Knights #35, so it makes sense for it to have the heading; after all, the original plan was to have George provide interior art for SK #35. Since George's schedule didn't permit him to contribute interiors for SK #35, I presume the heading was removed upon SK #35's publication.

    The reason why I'm not referring to this pre-SK #35 book as Southern Knights/Hero Graphics Super Sampler #35 (as listed in The Perez Archives) is because of the apparent 'official' title seen in its solicitation and resolicitation copies from What's New (attached). Based on the solicitation copy for Hero Graphics Super-Spectacular #1 from What's New (for items shipping March '92), and especially the description of its contents in the resolicitation from What's New (for July '92-shipping items), it's reasonable to assume this is the same book described in The Perez Archives. While it's listed in the Hero Graphics section of the Archives as 'Super Sampler' instead of 'Super Spectacular,' its contents description in the Archives matches up with the contents description in the resolicitation copy. As far as the cover artist mentioned in the solicitation copies - either the Tim Burgard cover was scrapped in favor of George's cover art, or the variants mentioned in the Archives listing have variant covers to go with the variant interiors.

    I hope anyone ordering Southern Knights #35 from isn't sent the Hero Graphics Super Spectacular instead, since the only part of SK #35 that's included in (or ON) the Super Spectacular is the cover!

    Mile High Comics does have a listing for Hero Graphics Super-Spectacular (without a cover scan) at 40100432708&snumber=1


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