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SPAWN #100 (Errata) (Dec 2000) Image Comics

cover:  Mike Mignola
SPAWN #100 (Errata)
Date: Dec 2000
Cover Price: $2.50

NOTE: This comic book does not contain any George Pérez artwork.

Originally George Pérez was approached to do one of seven covers for #100 (other cover artists includes: Alex Ross, Frank Miller, Ashley Wood, Mike Mignola, Greg Capullo and Todd McFarlane), but scheduling would not accommodate, so the Pérez cover was then used for SPAWN #101.
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    "Milestone" (30 pages) 
    writer:  Brian Holguin
    Todd McFarlane
    art:  Greg Capullo
    Danny Miki
    Todd McFarlane
    colors:  Brian Haberlin
    Dan Kemp
    Haberlin Studios
    letters:  Tom Orzechowski
    editor:  Melanie Simmons
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    SPAWN #100 (Errata) (Dec 2000)
    Image Comics

     April 10, 2003 | McFarlane Interview from Comicverse
    From Comicverse

    Entretien avec Todd Mc FARLANE
    March 18, 2003 11:29:07 AM


    JS: Quels artistes vous ont le plus influencé ?
    Todd Mc Farlane: Au tout début, ce sont George Perez, John Byrne et John et Sal Buscema qui m'ont pas mal influencé. Puis plus tard, je me suis intéressé à Marshall Rogers, Arthur Adams, Bill Sienkiewicz, Michael Golden et Frank Miller. Et encore plus tard, j'ai découvert Gil Kane et Jack Kirby. En fait, quand tu as plus de recul, plus d'expérience, tu t'intéresses aux artistes d'avant et tu découvres alors les maîtres de la BD.

    Translated by Babelfish:

    Discussion with Todd McFARLANE
    March 18, 2003 11:29:07 AM


    JS: Which artists influenced you the most?
    Todd McFarlane: In the beginning, it was George Perez, John Byrne and John and Sal Buscema which badly did not influence me. Then later, I was interested in Marshall Rogers, Arthur Adams, Bill Sienkiewicz, Michael Golden and Frank Miller. And even later, I discovered Gil Kane and Jack Kirby. In fact, when you have more retreat, plus experience, you are interested in the artists of before and you discover the masters of comic books.

     October 19, 2002 | Todd McFarlane Biography
    From (official site)

    Todd McFarlane, the creator of Spawn, is a multi-faceted artist and businessman with a broad range of experience in entertainment, sports and publishing.

    McFarlane was born in Calgary, Alberta, Canada on March 16, 1961, but spent most of his childhood in Southern California. Returning to Calgary at age 14, Todd first discovered the world of comic books in high school. He bought all the comics he could afford, especially the works of his favorite artists: John Byrne, George Perez, Marshall Rogers, Michael Golden, Art Adams and Walter Simonson. Although he spent a lot of time drawing comic book heroes, playing professional baseball was his ultimate dream.

    [ Read more Todd McFarlane Biography ]
     March 21, 2002 | Todd McFarlane
    Dear Len and Ted,

    I just finished reading issue #192 of Justice League of America. Stunning. This month's tale was the best of all my DCs I picked up. Centering around one member of the group (Red Tornado) and at the same time involving the other heroes was an excellent idea. Even though there were 25 pages, I thought that my reading ended too soon.

    Red Tornado has fast become one of my favorite heroes. It is about time that he starts acting like the hero I know he can be.

    As for the art, what can I say? Welcome back, George. Your pencils have been missed (although Buckler did a very admirable job in your absence.) besides being my favorite artist, you draw the best Red Tornado this side of the border (and the other side, too!)

    Todd McFarlane
    Calgary, Alberta, Canada

    December 1, 2000 | Spawn 101 Cover
    From Spawn 100

    Penciller Angel Medina takes over the art chores as the Spawn saga takes a darker more sophisticated turn.
    Upcoming issues, beginning with Spawn 101, introduce new villains new characters and new twists on old favorites.

    October 3, 2000 | Future Projects
    From George Perez (A recent email updating on various projects and clarifying SPAWN 100.)

    ...regular work (a five page story for TITANS #25-- pencilled and inked by me from a script by Marv Wolfman, six covers for a DC fifth-week event featuring the JLA, a 5-page preview story Kurt Busiek and I are doing for SECTION ZERO #6, the cover to SPAWN #101, and my regular work on CROSSGEN CHRONICLES and CRIMSON PLAGUE) and a backlog of private commissions, I am extremely swamped.

    As I said I am drawing the cover of SPAWN 101, but that's it. I was originally asked about drawing a cover for Issue #100, but my schedule couldn't accommodate that. convention appearances next year include, so far, MegaCon (Orlando, FL), Wizard World (Chicago, IL), Big Easy (New Orleans, LA) and Comicon International (San Diego, CA)

    September 8, 2000 | Spawn 100
    From (I am assuming "someone else" is George Perez? Although Continuum says Perez is doing the cover to issue 100; I think perhaps Perez is only doing issue 101's cover. The reason for this is because the two other sources failed to mentioned Perez's involvement in 100. In fact, I think the 6th cover is by Mike Mignola.)
    Rustin Parr
    posted 09-06-2000 01:09 PM

    I'm not sure which I want. I know in a perfect world I'd get all 6, or at least 5. But I can't afford them, these are who I'm pretty sure are doing the cover.

    • Todd McFarlane Have to, becuase hey, he's the daddy
    • Greg Capullo The stepfather in my mind, he does great stuff
    • Ashley Wood I love this guy, but w/ hellspawn to hold me over, we'll see
    • Alex Ross I absolutely LOVE Ross, he's the best out there, but, don't know how or if he'll mix w/ the Spawn universe
    • Frank Miller Another big name worth having, but, I'll need to see it.
    • someone else have no idea who this is or what he's done, so...

    posted 09-02-2000 02:16 PM

    This has probobly been asked before but anyway, One of these people IS going to die in issue 100, it says so on the back of the comics, who's it gonna be?

      b)Grandma Blake
    June 4, 2000 | Perez At Crossgen
    From Comics Continuum
    Friday, June 2, 2000


    At Image, Perez continues his work on the Gorilla Comics title Crimson Plague and has drawn the cover for Spawn #100.

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