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SKETCH MAGAZINE #10 (Oct 2001) Blue Line Pro



George Perez (partial photo cover)
Tom Smith (erroneously credited as Bob Smith)
Paul Schiraldi
Date: 31 Oct 2001
Cover Price: $5.95

ISSN: 1536-7932

Andy Mangels interviewed George Pérez through a lengthy phone conversation. Discussions includes the early pre-professional days to what lies ahead for George.

Information from vu
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    Magazine  (62 pages)
    writer:  Andy Mangels
    Beau Smith
    Tom Bierbaum
    Mike Maydak
    Jason Howard
    Chris Dreier
    John Gravato
    art:  George Perez
    colors:  Arron Hubrich
    letters:  N/A
    editor:  N/A
    Information from vu   

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     February 13, 2002 | Sketch Correction
    From Vu
    As noted earlier by Tony Lorenz (see Sketch #11-12), here is the correction statement (founded on page 62).
    The cover photo of George Pérez is courtesy of Mr Paul Schiraldi.

    The cover illustration is by George Pérez and colorist Tom Smith, not Bob Smith.

    Amongst other regrettable typos, all illustrations in the article are copyright/trademark [by] their respective (not "prespected" owners.) I'd especially like to point out that the copyright notices for Crimson Plauge (which is copyrighted and trademarked to George Pérez) were mislabled as "Crimson" which is a series copyrighted and trademarked to Humberto Ramos. The two series are unrelated.

    I apologize to Mr. Pérez, his fans, and associates, for any confusion caused (and to Sketch readers for the untidiness). I'd also like to personally thank Andy Mangels for his painstaking assistance with proofing and correcting the interview.

    The image used is the Crimson Plague charity print, which can be accessed at the Blue Line Pro website: George Pérez Interview Extended. Special thanks to Outpost 2000.

     January 14, 2002 | Sketch #11-12
    From Tony Lorenz
  • Sketch #11
  • Sketch #12
  • Here's a couple more things for the checklist, one in Sketch Magazine #11 on the last page at the bottom is a small letter listing the numerous errors that appeared in the Pérez featured issue, it has a small drawing of Crimson Plague and Shannon, I believe one of the prints.

    In Sketch Magazine #12 has an interview with Frank Cho, who mentions George in his interview , here's a couple of excerpts "I remember I used to collect THE NEW TEEN TITANS by Marv Wolfman and George Perez, and I was just remember being in awe of their eye for detail, John Byrne and George Perez. They were absolutely stunning." and "Actually, Romeo Tanghal did a wonderful job of inking of George Perez, but I've always enjoyed George Perez inking his own work."

     November 1, 2001 | Pérez Archives 2002
    Mangels has maintained a mammoth archive of Pérez's work for over twenty years. At the fall 2001 San Diego Comic Con, Mangels released The Pérez Archives. The self-published book contained a complete listing of Pérez's published work, along with lots of unpublished and rarely seen artwork. Sales of the Archives benefited the Comic Book LEgal Defense Fund, and - to date - have raised over $8,000 for the CBLDF. A new version of the Archives is planned for summer 2002.
     November 1, 2001 | Blue Line Pro Website
    From Shane Elliot, via Pérez Yahoo Club
    The rest of the pics are now up on Blue Line Pro's site:

    You can also follow the link from their homepage by following the link titled "PEREZ EXTENDED" [ba-dum-bum!] George, you must love that title ;o)

     October 31, 2001 | Sketch Magazine #10 Review
    From Vu
    As mentioned earlier by Ilke Hincer, SKETCH MAGAZINE #10 is released today (Halloween). The original release date was supposed to have been in August/September (originally ordered through the June issue of PREVIEWS). When I was reading the interview, I noticed that the artwork are TINY - I later read that they did this only to compensate for the massive nineteen-page interview Andy Mangels conducted.

    A statement at the beginning of the magazine read:

    Once we received the interview and realized just how massive the detailed the interview was. We had to make a decession [sic] to either cut the interview in two running the first part in issue #10 and the second part in issue #11 (which we don't believe is fair to make you purchase two issues.), or, run part of it here and part of it on the website. We realized that not everyone has internet access.
    The only other option was to run the whole interview here and run smaller artwork. With this option we oped [sic] to offer the artwork at a larger size on our website Click on the George Pérez name then click on eack [sic] image and enjoy. We apologize for this inconvence [sic] but we feel that the information in the interview is very important.
    That statement was probably done at the very last minute with no proofing, I have deliberately left all the misspellings for evidence. Also note that the colorist was miscredited as Bob Smith (who is in fact an inker) instead of Tom Smith on the inside cover. Despite the sloppy mistakes (although I have not read the entire magazine, I am assuming the other content are without errors) I am still glad they have finally released the magazine. Sometime books are listed (and ordered by me!) but are never printed.

    The interview itself is good and covers pretty much everything - from his early days to what lies ahead. A quote from George reads: "I think, first and foremost, I love drawing comics. It's what I will do to my dying day. My goal is to have an unfinished page in my drawing board when I die." So no retirement anytime soon, which is good news!

    Since you are a Pérez fan, I am sure you have this magazine in your hands already. If you don't have it, then here is an excerpt from the interview:

    Sketch: Have you experimented at all using computers? [in regards to inking]
    Perez: Not as an artist. I've only used computers if I've scanned my pictures, as I'm doing with JLA/Avengers, and making corrections and erasures. If a line scanned in with smudges I would clean it up. If a stray pencil line that I didn't manage to erase all the way reproduced, I will take care of that. If I need a special effect - and this again only applies to an inked page - where I want something to repeat, well then I can do cut-and-paste, because that's an effect that can only be done through something, either a copy machine or a computer that I could never copy myself line for line. I seldom do that, but there have been occasions where I want a sign in the background to be in another scene. Well the sign doesn't change, so I can actually cut-and-paste. But for the most part I leave the computer to the colors artist and the letters. When it comes to basic drawing, I could never surrender the feeling and sensuality of putting a pen to paper. I don't think I could ever replace that joy with a computer.
     October 30, 2001 | Sketch Magazine's Release Date
    From Ilke Hincer
    Just a note that, according to, Sketch Magazine #10 is scheduled for release on October 31st.
    JUN012419   SKETCH MAGAZINE #10	    $5.95
     September 5, 2001
    From Andy Mangels, via Pérez Email List
      On Saturday, I did a 3-hour interview with George for SKETCH MAGAZINE #10. I'm picking out art to run with the interview over the next two days.
     June 9, 2001
    From PREVIEWS #6, Vol 11 (Jun 01)
      Features George Pérez

      When the heat of August comes rolling upon us, so will Sketch with a feature on the sensational pencilling skill and style of George Perez. George is no wet behind the ear newbie in the comic book industry, but rather a tested hardened veteran in the trenches of the field. He is a role model for all aspiring artists on how to do team-titles right with the incredible endurance he has shown through decades of divrse character driven artwork. Sketch attempts to peek inside this innovative mind and analyze his influence on the world of comics with a comprehensive interview with this experiences, from where he was to where he is now. Learn about his early work on Teen Titans to his revolutionary work on Crisis to the present: The Avengers and their corssover with JLA. How is he able to manage so many characters in his projects and still remain sane ? Find out int he pages of Sketch #10.

     May 26, 2001
    From Diamond (thanks to Shane Elliott, via Perez Mailing List)
      Sketch Magazine #10

      George Perez is renowned throughout the comic book industry for his sensational penciling skill and dynamic style. Sketch attempts to peek inside the innovative mind of Perez and analyze his incredible influence on the world of comics, spotlighting a comprehensive interview with this trend-setter, role-model, and pinnacle artisan of all team-titles. From his early years on Teen Titans to his revolutionary work on Crisis on Infinite Earths and beyond into his current anxiously anticipated epic Avengers / JLA crossover, you’ll learn first-hand how he is capable of managing the multitude of characters in his projects and still keep his sanity in check. Additionally, Sketch supplies all the "How To…" and fills the niche of comic book creation featuring columns focusing on aspects of the comic industry as inking, coloring, writing, penciling, promoting, packaging, and more! (Blue Line Pro)


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