COMICS INTERVIEW #50 (1987) Fictioneer

George Pérez
Brian Talley 
Date: 1987
Cover Price: $10.00
Publisher: Fictioneer

Interview with George Pérez (127 pages) by Andy Mangels.
Cover sent in by Zawawi Ibrahim / Magazine (146 pages)

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    COMICS INTERVIEW #50 (1987)
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    News: Megaton Special #1 (Errata)

    October 11, 2004 08:58 pm
     From Ilke  

    You may want to include this in the Perez Errata section. The ad is from Comics Interview #50. More info about the Megaton Special is at:

    'Youngblood' ashcans have been printed
    published in COMICS BUYER’S GUIDE #967 May 29, 1992, Page 84
    By Rik Offenberger

    MEGATON SPECIAL #1 (Errata) (1992)
    Megaton Comics
    Rob Liefeld's Youngblood super-team first appeared in a 1987 promotional who's who from Megaton Comics, Explosion #1. Youngblood resurfaced again two months later when it was advertised in Megaton #8 to appear in its own comic book titled Young Megaton Special # 1, by Liefeld and Hank Kanalz. Issue # I was to feature a Liefeld and Jerry Ordway cover. Megaton Comics went out of business before that comic was printed.

    Now, Youngblood will finally see the light of day. The comic book has been pushed back to a release date of April 17. However, on March 13, ashcan editions of Youngblood began to surface. The ashcan editions are two separate 5 1/2 x 81/2" black-and-while stories from Youngblood # 1.

    Edition "A" features the 13-page lead story which will be printed in its entirety in Youngblood # I from Image Comics and Malibu Publishing.

    Edition "B" has the story from the other side of the flip book plus four extra pages of art that will not be included in Youngblood # I .

    According to John Beck, a spokesperson for Image Comics, the print run on edition "A" was 1000 copies, and edition "B" was limited to 500 copies. He further said that they were selling for as much as $20 each in some stores in the New York area.

    All copies will have "Image Press" individually hand-stamped inside the front cover.

     August 29, 2004 10:55 am | Site Update
    [ Art ] Added
    DC ANNIVERSARY ART (1989), published in PEREZ OBSCURA #1, from Wonder Woman Museum HEROES CONVENTION (Jun 2001), published in HEROES CONVENTION CHARLOTTE 2001 #20, from Wonder Woman Museum COMICS INTERVIEW #50 Cover (1987), published in DAVID ANTHONY KRAFT'S COMICS INTERVIEW #50, from Wonder Woman Museum and Xum Yukinori (email) BATMAN, WONDER WOMAN, and SUPERMAN (1987), published in HISTORY OF THE DC UNIVERSE LIMITED EDITION (Limited Edition), from Wonder Woman Museum
     January 1, 2003 | Site Update
    Andy Mangels: So what happened then? You were going to do a DEATH SQUAD series with Bob Layton and you started on a graphic novel called DEATH TRAIN."
    George Pérez: "TERROR TRAIN. Actually TERROR TRAIN was a short story I wrote when I was in high school. I can no longer find the original manuscript. A very pre-splatter movie type of splatter story. It was done very much in that type of style way before any splatter movies ever showed; I didn't know about Herschel or Lewis at the time…

    …As for DEATH SQUAD, I was already a pro at that point and I was doing an origins story of the DEATH SQUAD with Bob Layton for Omnibus Publishing, which had already produced the PEREZ ACCENT ON THE FIRST E book. But Omnibus never went anywhere; the PEREZ book itself, due to bad management, bad marketing, bad timing, didn't go anywhere - I assume only about 600 ever went out to any audience; it's a very rare book now. So DEATH SQUAD totally fell apart.

     November 17, 2002 | Spotlight on CRISIS #7
    From Vu
    The cover to CRISIS ON INFINITE EARTHS #7 has always been one of my favorite covers of all time. Here are some of the stories and artworks relating to this topic. The last spotlight I did was October 30, 2002 | Spotlight on Comics Interview, which a lot of people read and liked. So let me know what you think of this one.

    The following excerpt is from an interview by Andy Mangels from DAVID ANTHONY KRAFT'S COMICS INTERVIEW #50 - which ran about 127 pages! Lots of rare artwork and information, I highly recommend getting a copy if you haven't got one yet.

    Andy Mangels: Can you explain what happened with the starling similarities with CRISIS #7 cover to X-MEN #136 - which in turn looked liked LOIS LANE #128?
    George Pérez: Well, that was incredible sheer coincidence. I didn't even notice it until BUYER'S GUIDE or someplace showed both covers, and I thought, "My God!" it's an incredible resemblance. My main influence in doing that was a cover of THOR, where Odin is holding the body of his son… that was my inspiration for that cover. I didn't know or remember the X-MEN cover, and haven't the faintest idea when people mention a LOIS LANE cover, which cover they're talking about. So there was definitely a comic-book inspiration there - but not the one that everyone thinks it is.

    Andy: So that was totally all a coincidence then?
    George: Totally. I was rather stunned because the emotional expression on Cyclops and Superman were so similar. Now that was a sheer coincidence. Supergirl and Phoenix are both facing the same way, their head on the same side of the page, so it's like… a weird coincidence. The one exception being not a single one of the covers that people mention did any other artist go as crazy in drawing that many characters in the background. (Laughter)

    Special thanks to Mile High Comics, The Artist's Choice, Ebay, Comic Art L and Outpost 2000 (for giving me the Crisis Posters).

     October 30, 2002 | Site Update

    All George Pérez issue!
    George Pérez opens up to Andy Mangels, who asks all the questions you've always wanted to hear answered. From his earliest work to the far-rainging future, Pérez covers it all - inside stories, secret stuff you've never noticed in the art, topics he's never talked about before. Candid photos. The unprinted projects. The missing TITANS you'll never know about - unless you read this epic, lavishly illustrated interview! This one's a must!

    OVER 100 PAGES
    To celebrate our big 50th issue, we've gone all out to bring you a book-length special edition 0 an important work that belongs in every comics collection. George Pérez provided us with 30 pounds of original art to pick from, and Andy Mangels opened his collection of Pérez art work, the largest in the world - he has stuff even George doesn't! you'll see art never published anywhere! More like a book than a magazine, it may be the only way to add this art to your collection.

    Only $10.00 postpaid.

     September 30, 2002 | Site Update
    From Brian Talley, via Forum
    Topic: George in Baltimore!
    posted 9/30/02 2:44 AM

    George, just wondering what a sketch will run me at the Baltimore Comic-Con. I haven't done the convention thing in years and don't know what the "going rate", if there is such a thing is these days. Any input you can give would be appreciated. And if the name looks a bit familiar....I was the colorist on the cover you did for COMICS INTERVIEW #50, and I'm still kicking myself for not making an offer on that piece all these years later. If time allows at the con, on Sunday, lunch is on me.