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AMAZING HEROES #50 (Jul 1984) Fantagraphics

cover:  George Perez
Date: Jul 1984
Cover Price: $3.50

Cover reprinted in:
From dzminn

Super thick, 148 pgs Amazing Heroes magazine #50 from July 1984 featuring an incredible cover by George Perez of The Teen Titans. This issue includes a nice interview with George and writer Marv Wolfman about their plans for the Titans series. Included in this issue are strip reprints of Star Hawks by Gil Kane and Archie Goodwin and Star Wars by Archie and Al Williamson. Another highlight is a lengthy discussion with Mike Barr and and Dennis O'Neil about Batman through the years, truly great stuff. Much much more in this landmark issue.

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    AMAZING HEROES #50 (Jul 1984)

    DOLMEN #216 (Spain)
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    News: Titans Companion Needs Amazing Heroes #50 Cover Scan

    July 24, 2005 08:15 pm
     From Glen Cadigan

    AMAZING HEROES #50 (Jul 1984)

    I'm hoping that either you or someone who visits your website can help me out with something. I need a 600 dpi scan of the cover of Amazing Heroes # 50 featuring the New Teen Titans by George for the upcoming Titans Companion. I've set up a temporary email account ( to field responses from interested parties. The address will only last as long as it takes for me to receive a usable scan, so webcrawlers beware!