FLINT COMIX #50 (Jun 2013) Flint Comix

cover:  George Perez
Date: Jun 2013
Cover Price: 
Publisher: Flint Comix

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    FLINT COMIX #50 (Jun 2013)
    Flint Comix
    Flint Comix #50 Original Cover

    posted Jun 22, 2013, 5:25 AM by Vu Sleeper

    FLINT COMIX #50 (Jun 2013)
    Flint Comix
    Proceeds to help Layne& Peri Toth compete in Kickboxing

    Anyone familiar with comics in the last forty years is well aware of George Pérez.

    Insane Layne Toth: Kid pro comic book creator, as seen on TV and in magazines such as Time, has been published in scores of comics and she is regularly featured in Flint Comix & Entertainment. She inked George Pérez on the cover of #50 and drew for Night of the Living Dead classic film co-author John A. Russo in #30. Even Hollywood has inquired about movie rights for her creations. As a martial artist, she is a three-time world bronze medalist, four-time national gold medalist, national silver medalist, national bronze medalist, five-time world's top ten and 12-time state champ. www.sisterscomics.com

    Included in this lot:

    1- Flint Comix #50 original cover pencils by George Pérez, signed by him & Layne Toth in ink.

    2- Flint Comix #50 original cover inks by Layne Toth (on copy of cover pencils).

    3- Flint Comix #50 color proof by Paul Sizer, signed by Flint Comix crew: Layne Toth (inks & Lucky: The One-Eyed Stray Dog co-creator), Paul Sizer (colors), Randy Zimmerman (editor & Spark creator), John Stump (Lucky: The One-Eyed Stray Dog co-creator), Levi Krause (See-Thru-Baby co-creator) and Peri Toth (See-Thru-Baby co-creator).

    4- Flint Comix #50 comic book.

    Proceeds to help Insane Layne & Scary Peri Toth compete in Kickboxing for their Go-Ti School of Combative Arts and Team U.S.A. coached by Grand Master Harris A. Edwards, Jr. As requested by Layne & Peri's Sponsor, Uncle George!

    Lucky: The One-Eyed Stray Dog! is TM & copyright 2006, 2013 John Stump & Layne Toth. All rights reserved.

    See-Thru-Baby! is TM & copyright 2003, 2013 Peri Toth & Levi Krause. All rights reserved.

    The Spark is TM & copyright 2013 Randy Zimmerman. All rights reserved.

    Photo of Uncle George and Insane Layne courtesy of Curtis Drogmiller: Mainstreamhope.com

    thanks to Ilke