COMICS BUYER'S GUIDE #1414 (22 Dec 2000) Krause Publication

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Date: 22 Dec 2000
Cover Price: $2.50

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December 22, 2000. Born in 1940 - Super-Seniors turn 60; R.C. Harvey's Top 100 print cartoon creations of the century; DC heroes - young or old?; Marvel's Spider-Man plans for spring.

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    COMICS BUYER'S GUIDE #1414 (22 Dec 2000)
    Krause Publication
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     October 28, 2002 | Hulk-Sachs-Spawn Card
    From Brian Pate
    ...The illustration run in Comics Buyer's Guide 1042 of Hulk smashing Spawn was also on a card handed out by Peter David at conventions that year (1998). I've got a couple of them somewhere.
    December 26, 2000
    From Ilke Hincer
    The illustration by Perez in Comics Buyer's Guide #1414 (as mentioned by Tony Lorenz) sounds like the one that appeared in Peter David's "But I Digress..." column in CBG #1042, depicting J.J. Sachs looking on as the Hulk punches Spawn through a cement wall.

    That drawing also appeared in Wizard #30, accompanying Todd McFarlane's "E.G.O." column. In the column, McFarlane (the creator of Spawn) responds to the illustration by comparing the sales figures for Spawn #17 (at #1) and those for Sachs and Violens #2 (at #179).

    December 21, 2000
    From Tony Lorenz (via Perez Club)

      For your checklist, in the Comics Buyer's Guide #1414 Dec 22, 2000, has a George Perez illustration in Peter David's column, pen and ink of Sachs, Hulk and Spawn. I believe it appeared in a previous issue.

      From Comics Buyers Guide 
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