COMICS BUYER'S GUIDE #1515 (29 Nov 2002) Krause Publication

cover:  Zade Rosenthal
Date: 29 Nov 2002
Cover Price: $3.50
Publisher: Krause Publications

Includes a one page article and interview with George Pérez by George Nelson, on the upcoming JLA/AVENGERS mini-series as well as on new 2003 projects

Newspaper (59 pages)
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    Newspaper (59 pages)
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    COMICS BUYER'S GUIDE #1515 (29 Nov 2002)
    Krause Publication

     November 16, 2002 | CBG #1515: JLA/A News
    From COMICS BUYERS GUIDE #1515 (29 Nov 02)
    No date yet for JLA-Avengers crosscover
    written by George Nelson
    transcribed by Vu
    published in COMICS BUYERS GUIDE #1515 (29 Nov 02)

    Editor Tom Brevoort: "It will be done when it will be done."

  • The long-anticipated JLA-Avengers crossover project will not be schedule until most of it is done.

    "I'm not putting a date on it," said Avengers Editor Tom Brevoort, who, with George Perez, attended the Baltimore Comic-Con in late October. "The whole point of the way we're doing this is we will not schedule it until it is at least all penciled, until we are all confident that it can come out monthly, the way it's supposed to."

    At the convention, Pérez said that by Oct. 31 he would have finished inking the second issue of the inter-company crossover. He added that he has penciled three-quarters of #3 and expected that writer Kurt Busiek's plot for the fourth issue should be ready by the time he begins inking #3 in late November. He said that, at the pace work is going, the crossover could be scheduled for summer 2003, if Marvel and DC agree.

    Pérez said, "Now that we've gotten past the halfway mark, that looks like an attainable schedule but the one thing we did not want is this book to be scheduled and then ship late. It may not get finalized until they know that I'm inking the fourth issue, just to make sure, and I do appreciate it because I don't want any mishaps on this book."

    Both Pérez and Brevoort are mindful of what happens when issues of high-profile projects are delayed with the recent examples of both Marvel's Wolverine: the Origin and DC's The Dark Knight Strikes Again fresh in their minds.

    "I had to argued from the beginning, and we all agreed, that this book has to have everything going for it and that it should be all finished before it ever got it and that it should be all finished before it ever got scheduled - or at least scheduled when we would know that it would always be on time," Pérez said. The problems with Wolverine: The Origin and DK2 helped make the editorial department's case to management.

  • Avengers Editor Tom Brevoort (left) and JLA/Avengers artist George Pérez (right) discussed the long-anticipated crossover at the Baltimore Comic-Con. Photo by George Nelson.
  • Brevoort said, "We've all seen any number of projects that have been big, anticipated projects that retailers and fans both are very upset about, when later issues of the project don't' come out when they should." Though he said he expect to see JLA/Avengers scheduled for 2003, "I wouldn't want to put it in any particular month, because anything I say right now - if I give a casual date - every fan in the world will seize on that as the truth and then the solicitation catalog will come out and, if it's not there, it's a disaster. It will be done when it will be done."

    So far, Brevoort said, the interface between the two publishers has been smooth. "Ultimately, everybody involved wants the same thing. They want a good, strong, classic crossover, the crossover to end all crossovers, and everybody has sort of been putting their egos at the door and whatnot and focused on the job at hand," he said, adding that he has had more difficulty with much smaller crossovers in the past. He also indicated confidence that fans will be pleased with the result.

    "It's what you'd expect and more. It's certainly George just going to town and working to exceed his reputation for number of characters, complexity of content, and just hitting the page with energy and vibe and character and spirit. George is clearly trying to exceed himself on this project. It's a thing he's waited to do for 20 years, and you see it on every page. Nobody is going to be disappointed with it."

    Pérez said he is having "a grand time" on the project. "Kurt Busiek and Tom Brevoort and JLA Editor Dan Raspler are throwing a lot of fancy curveballs at me, and I'm getting to do a lot of clever visuals, a lot of stuff that will please the new fans and the nostalgists, the people who have been there for a long time. For those who like Kyle Rayner as Green Lantern, they'll be pleased with his involvement. Those who like Hal Jordan, they'll be pleased with his involvement."

    Pérez also said there will be surprise appearances by characters who have absolutely nothing to do with either the JLA or the Avengers.

    "Why? Because I want it," he said. "Kurt Busiek had already publicly said that Wolverine will never make an appearance in this book.

    "Wolverine appears in JLA/Avengers. Never say, 'Never,' to George Pérez."

     November 16, 2002 | CBG #1515: 2003 Projects
    From COMICS BUYERS GUIDE #1515 (29 Nov 02)
    Pérez has more than crossover on tap in 2003
    written by George Nelson
    transcribed by Vu
    published in COMICS BUYERS GUIDE #1515 (29 Nov 02)

  • SOLUS #1
  • If JLA/Avengers doesn't provide comics fans with enough of George Pérez in 2003, don't worry - there's more.

    Next year will also see the debut of the new series Pérez is drawing for CrossGen: Solus.

    "The details are still being kept close to the vest. It deals with a globetrotting - globes-trotting, to be more specific - character named Andra," Pérez told CBG at the recent Baltimore Comic-Con.

    "I guess the best way for me to describe it is to be able to do the CrossGen Chronicles that I was doing but with a recurring cast, with a regular cast of characters and a female lead, which I really wanted to do - and work with Barbara Kesel, whom I've known for many years. I'm finally getting a chance to work with her on a regular basis. Basically, I just wanted something that would keep stretching my wings."

    Pérez observed that, when writers and editors discuss putting together "the ideal George Pérez book," it means "they're going to make me work like a dog." However, he acknowledged that he typically does more than the plot requires.

    "If I complain about it, I guess it's the way that inkers complain about working on me: that they do enjoy the craft; it's just that it's a lot of work," he said. "I like rising the challenge. It's very easy to be complacent and just do the things that you're comfortable doing."

    Pérez said he already has completed designs and promotional pieces for Solus and recently received the plot for the first issue. "I even drew a page this morning, so by the end of next week I should be a quarter of the way done with the first issue. The cover is already done," he added. He said he thought it would be scheduled for late February or early March release. "I may be off on that by a month or so. It will come out before JLA/Avengers."

    Pérez also said that, to die it with JLA/Avengers, DC is planning to release a trade paperback covering his run as penciller on Wonder Woman, which he also wrote. He said the trade would cover the series' first 24 issues, possibly the first annual, and the main story from Action #600, on which he collaborated with John Byrne, teaming up Superman and Wonder Woman.

    Through he is not actively involved with the project, Pérez said he was pleased to hear about the Teen Titans cartoon in production for Cartoon Network. The new series features five of the seven characters that appeared in the launch of the New Teen Titans in 1980: Robin and Changeling (called his original name, Beast Boy, in the new animated series) along with the three characters Pérez and writer Marv Wolfman created for the series - Cyborg, Starfire, and Raven.

    "I had absolutely nothing to do with the project itself but I am flattered, to say the least," he said.

    Pérez said he first heard about the series when DC Publisher Paul Levitz called to let him know about it. "I thought that was a real classy thing for him to do. I am - from a financial point of view - very, very tickled about the Titans cartoon and I've been away from it long enough hat I don't get bothered by the changes, since the book itself has gone through so many changes since I've been off it, for a decade now.

    "Other than that, it's a really, really empty looking 2003 for me," he joked.