COMICS BUYER'S GUIDE #1545 (27 Jun 2003) Krause Publication

George Perez
Maggie Thompson
Date: Sep 14, 2010
Cover Price: $3.99
Publisher: Krause Publication (

Photo of John Gallagher (left) and collaborator Rich Faber (right) show the cover of CBLDF fund-raiser MORE FUND COMICS #1 (Sep 2003) by George Perez.
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    MORE FUND COMICS #1 (Sep 2003)
    Sky-Dog Press

    Sky-Dog Press

    COMICS BUYER'S GUIDE #1545 (27 Jun 2003)
    Krause Publication
    MORE FUND COMICS #1 (Limited Edition) (Sep 2003)
    Sky-Dog Press

     July 12, 2003 | Full Article From CBG #1545
    From Vu

    MORE FUND COMICS #1 (Sep 2003)
    Sky-Dog Press
    You need to have your cookies enabled to view the full article of More Fund Comics to raise CBLDF funds By Nathan Melby (June 06, 2003). Originally published in COMIC BUYER'S GUIDE #1545.

    Excerpts article can be found here: June 15, 2003 | More Fund Comics on Cover of CBG

     June 15, 2003 | More Fund Comics on Cover of CBG
    From COMICS BUYER'S GUIDE #1545 (27 Jun 03)

    MORE FUND COMICS #1 (Sep 2003)
    Sky-Dog Press
    written by Nathan Melby
    published in COMICS BUYER'S GUIDE #1545 (27 Jun 03)
    transcribed by Vu
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    The local project that grew into a charity comic book features work by comics stars. More Fund Comics could, its producers hope, raise the most money for a single project for the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund.

    The 128-page black-and-white book, to be released in conjunction with the Baltimore Comic-Con Sept. 20-21 for $10, will feature a Hulk cover by George Pérez and stories by John Romita, Adam Hughes, Mike Oeming, Frank Cho and Scott Kurtz, Jerry Ordway, Erik Larsen, John Romita, Jr., Stan Sakai, Butch Guice, Geoff Johns, and many more. It will be priced at $10.

    Marc Nathan of Cards, Comics and Collectibles in Baltimore, John Gallagher of Sky-Dog Press, and cartoonist Cho came up with the concept during a convention dinner. Since that dinner, the project has grown from what was intended to be a book featuring Baltimore-local creators to a book that, convention organizer Nathan told CBG, he hopes will set a record for most money raised for the CBLDF.

    "What is very exciting is that, since the momentum has built, people have become more and more excited," publisher Gallagher told CBG. "A lot of these guys work that, but I am sure they would love to have that one personal vision that they have published."


    Project grows, as pros pitch in for charity

    Marc Nathan told CBG that he hoped the book that would be introduced at his Baltimore Comic-Con Sept 20, More Fund Comics, would raise more than $50,000 for the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund. His goal is to set a record for a single CBLDF fundraiser.

    The book, published by John Gallagher's Sky-Dog Press, will feature a George Pérez cover and the artistic and writing talents of more than 50 comics creators. Gallagher told CBG that his sights had initially been set on doing a local project, due to a give-away that Nathan did last year to promote his show.


    "Marc got involved with getting George Pérez to commit to do a cover and once we had him, Charles Brownstein with the CBLDF made a call to Joe Questada for us to get the permission to use The Hulk.