COMICS BUYER'S GUIDE #1646 (Oct 2008) Krause Publication

cover:  Mark Sparacio
Date: Oct 2008
Cover Price: $
Publisher:  Krause Publication

Full feature can be downloaded as a PDF (link no longer accessible).

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    Magazine (146 pages) 
    writer:  Andrew Smith
    Peter David
    Michelle Nolan
    interview:  Geoff Johns
    George Pérez
    colors:  N/A
    letters:  N/A
    editor:  Maggie Thompson

    COMICS BUYER'S GUIDE #1646 (Oct 2008)
    Krause Publication

    The Legion of Super-Bloggers: Comics Buyers Guide

    posted Jan 15, 2017, 10:10 AM by Vu Nguyen

    COMICS BUYER'S GUIDE #1646 (Oct 2008)
    Krause Publication
    Monday, January 9, 2017

    Comics Buyer's Guide, published from 1971 to 2013, was the longest-running English-language periodical reporting on the American comic book industry. It was probably my favorite comics magazine, featuring well-written and researched articles that fell between the fanboy gushings of Wizard and the verbose, opinionated and sometimes pretentious offerings in Comics Journal.

    The CBG ran several articles on the Legion through the years, and today's blog takes a look at those issues.


    CBG #1646 (2008)

    Adorned by a glorious Mark Sparacio Legion cover, this issue shines the spotlight on LEGION OF THREE WORLDS, and speaks to creators Geoff Johns and George Perez.

    Johns doesn't hide his love for the original Legion, but diplomatically sidesteps criticizing John Byrne for creating chaos with his Superman revamp, which resulted in the pocket universe Legion. This, together with the threebooted group, forced DC's hand into straightening out the Legion's continuity once and for all, with Johns already having laid out the groundwork in ACTION COMICS #858-863.

    “I wanted to introduce such characters as Dawnstar and Wildfire to a generation of readers that don't know much about the Legion, and at the same time celebrate the great history and diversity of the members, no matter where they're from,” he said. Indeed, it feels strange to recall that Dawny and Wildfire were practically non-existent in the two Legion reboots .. which covered a period of about seven years.

    Perez, meanwhile, was ecstatic at being given his dream assignment of drawing the Legion. “I just want to draw as many of them in one story as I can,” he said. “I do have several characters that I love to draw: Dream Girl, Saturn Girl, Ultra Boy, Dawnstar, and believe it or not, Bouncing Boy. There are some versions of characters I don't really care for, but there's really none I'm antagonistic about.”

    Backing up the interviews is an article on the first of the three versions of the Legion brought together by the series, as explained by Batman in ACTION COMICS #864: the original Legion, the Zero Hour group, and the threeboot.

    CBGxtra: COMICS BUYER'S GUIDE #1646 (Oct 08)

    20 August 2008, 8:26PM CDT by vu (vu sleeper)

    From, thanks to Ilke

    COMICS BUYER'S GUIDE #1646 (Oct 2008)
    Krause Publication
    Author Messages
    Brent Frankenhoff
    Posts: 3033

    Geoff Johns and George Pérez are redefining The Legion of Super-Heroes' history in Final Crisis: Legion of Three Worlds and Comics Buyer's Guide #1646 looks at both the creative team's plan in our feature story. Then, Captain Comics begins calling the roll of the super-team of the future. You'll find a copy of that feature here. We kick it all off with an exclusive cover by Mark Sparacio.

    Can't wait to get your copy to see all that's inside? We've posted several full articles from the issue at various places on CBGXtra! Check out the links below.

    Test your Silver Age Trivia knowledge by taking Mr. Silver Age's handy, dandy Trivia Quiz, which you'll find here.

    LucasFilm's first animated feature, Star Wars: The Clone Wars opened in mid-August and you can check out stills from the film here.

    Also in this issue:

    We have not one, but two convention scrapbooks. You can check out many of the sights from Wizard World Chicago and Comic-Con International: San Diego. Don't forget, we also have plenty of coverage here on the website.

    CBG Senior Editor Maggie Thompson provides quick reviews of much of her convention bargains in this month's Beautiful Balloons. In fact, there were so many, we ran out of room in the print edition, but you can read the full set of reviews here.

    Peter David tells how to write for Babylon 5.

    Michelle Nolan salutes Sgt. Bilko.

    And, you'll find a PDF of this month's letters column here.

    Plus, we have plenty of reviews of comics, trade paperbacks, videos, and other comics-related materials!

    All this and more, plus the largest and most complete monthly price guide in comics.

    It's all in Comics Buyer's Guide #1646, shipping now!

    Comics Buyer's Guide #1646 Features article on Legion of Super-Heroes with Johns & Perez

    16 August 2008, 12:02AM CDT by vu (vu sleeper)

    From, thanks to Ilke

    COMICS BUYER'S GUIDE #1646 (Oct 2008)
    Krause Publication

    This is Issue # 1646 of the long running Comics Magazine "COMICS BUYER'S GUIDE" - (Condition - NM) - (NEW) - 146 Pages - Black & White/Color Magazine

    Contents: Legion of Super-Heroes Issue - Geoff Johns & George Perez on "Legion of Three Worlds" ; Legion of Super- Heroes Retrospective - The Original Team :1958 - 1986 ; Legion 1.5 - 1986 - 1994 ; Saluting Sgt.Bilko ; Ask Mr. Silver Age - The 2008 Trivia Quiz ; Comic Book Reviews ; The Latest Comic Book Prices.

    (Ilke adds: This should be in stores on August 20th...)