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PREVIEWS vol 5, #6 (Jun 1995) Diamond Distribution

cover:  John Bolton
PREVIEWS vol 5, #6
Date: Jun 1995
Cover Price: $2.25

John Byrne discusses Wonder Woman and Darkseid vs. Galactus; 4-page PunX preview by Keith Giffen and Claude St. Aubin; Ben Dunn talks about Warrior Nun Areala and 10 years as an independent; William Tucci interview on Shi; interview with Dark Horse Presents editor Bob Schreck; Aliens vs Predator: Booty Part 5 (2-page strip) by Barbara Kesel and Ron Randall; Jim Valentino comments on The Alliance; Ron Marz comments on Zealot; Marat Mychaels talks about Law and Order; George Perez interview on I-Bots; interview with Ryoichi Ikegami; Larry Elmore interview; Paul Chadwick interview on his trading card series; article on "Expanding the World of Collectible Card Games." Covers: Batman: Man-Bat by John Bolton; Berserkers by Dan Fraga. Cover price $2.25.
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    PREVIEWS vol 5, #6 (Jun 1995)
    Diamond Distribution

    George Perez interview in Previews vol 5, #6

    posted Sep 7, 2012 9:02 AM by Vu Nguyen

    Ilke writes:

    PREVIEWS vol 5, #6 (Jun 1995)
    Diamond Distribution
    A note that Previews Vol. V #6 (June 1995 for items shipping August 1995) includes a 4-page interview with George Perez.  Some of the titles/topics discussed: I-Bots, The New Teen Titans, Wonder Woman, and how the comic book industry's changed.

    The issue also includes a separate interview with John Byrne, but the following question is asked of both creators:

    Previews:  Here's a variation on the old "Who's stronger, Thor or the Hulk?" question.  Honestly, George.  You.  John Byrne.  A friendly game of yard darts.  Who wins?

    George Pérez:  John wins.  My fingers are very double-jointed, so I can't throw worth a damn.


    Previews:  One final question, it's kind of goofy, but we asked George Pérez the same question this month--and we just wanted to run it by you, too:  You're at a picnic, you and George...

    John Byrne:  Okay, George and I are at a picnic...

    GPz:  ...and he challenges you to a game of lawn darts.  Who would win?

    JB:  Well, since I throw like a girl...I'd be inclined to bet that George would win.  However, one of the things that I've been saying since I started work on the [Wonder Woman] issue I'm currently working on, is that the next time I see George I'm going to punch him in the nose...because when Ross Andru was drawing Wonder Woman, Paradise Island was a bunch of trees with maybe a temple off in the distance.  And since George, Paradise Island is this massive pile of Greco/Roman architecture that goes on forever--and I have to draw it now!!! [Laughing.] I'm gonna belt him one just for that.  So that's what would actually happen at that picnic! [Laughing.]

    thanks to Ilke