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ALTER EGO #68 (May 2007)

cover:  George Perez
May 2007
TwoMorrows Publishing (


Magazine (100 pages)

Roy Thomas
Joe Kubert, Carmine Infantino, Gil Kane, Irwin Hasen, Dick Dillin, Mike Sekowsky, Jerry Ordway, Joe Staton, Jack Kirby

Cover by George Pérez

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    ALTER EGO #68 (May 2007)

    Alter Ego #68 & Jack Kirby Collector #48 Shipped
    News  Thu, 10 May 2007 22:21:34 CST  Ilke 


    ALTER EGO #68 (May 2007)
    Monday, May 07, 2007 10:12:17 AM

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    MAR073852 ALTER EGO #68 $6.95
    FEB073907 JACK KIRBY COLLECTOR #48 $9.95

    Alter Ego #68
    News  Thu, 18 Jan 2007 03:08:24 CST  Ilke

    Alter Ego 68 - $9.00
    Wednesday, January 17, 2007 3:05:07 AM

    May 2007 - 100 pages

    ALTER EGO #68 (May 2007)
    ALTER EGO 68 remembers JERRY BAILS—the Father of Comics Fandom! Besides founding Alter Ego and spearheading the landmark Who's Who of American Comic Books, Bails launched the first comics adzine and newszine—so we celebrate his momumental life with a special tribute issue, behind a gorgeous Justice Society of America cover by George Perez! Plus: A mountain of rare comic art by the likes of JOE KUBERT, CARMINE INFANTINO, GIL KANE, IRWIN HASEN, DICK DILLIN, MIKE SEKOWSKY, JERRY ORDWAY, JOE STATON, JACK KIRBY, and many others—a true feast for the eyes! Also: STEVE DITKO's never-before-seen notes to STAN LEE for a 1965 Dr. Strange story! And: Star Wars is 30, so ROY THOMAS reveals secrets behind the birth of Marvel's epic Star Wars comic, with never-before-seen photos and art, plus tales of GEORGE LUCAS, MARK HAMILL, HARRISON FORD, HOWARD CHAYKIN, STEVE LEIALOHA, and more!