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BACK ISSUE! #104 (Jul 2018) TwoMorrows Publishing

cover:  Earl Norem
Date:  Jul 2018
Cover Price: 


July 2018 - 84 FULL-COLOR pages 

The Bronze Age’s greatest fist-fighters bust loose in BACK ISSUE #105, the DEADLY HANDS issue (84 FULL-COLOR pages, $8.95)! Featuring histories of Iron Fist, Master of Kung Fu, Yang, the Bronze Tiger, Hands of the Dragon, NEAL ADAMS’ Armor, Marvel’s Deadly Hands of Kung Fu mag, and… Hong Kong Phooey! Plus Muhammad Ali in toons and toys. Featuring JOHN BYRNE, CHRIS CLAREMONT, STEVE ENGLEHART, PAUL GULACY, LARRY HAMA, DOUG MOENCH, DENNY O’NEIL, JOHN OSTRANDER, WARREN SATTLER, JIM STARLIN, and others. Re-presenting EARL NOREM’s painted cover to 1976’s Deadly Hands of Kung Fu #29. Edited by MICHAEL EURY. 

Diamond Comic Distributors Order Code: MAR181969

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