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BACK ISSUE! #71 (Mar 2014) TwoMorrows Publishing

cover:  Art Adams
Date:  Mar 2014
Cover Price: $8.95

BACK ISSUE #71 (84 FULL-COLOR pages, $8.95) targets “Tryouts, One-Shots, and One-Hit Wonders”: Marvel Premiere, Marvel Spotlight, Marvel Feature, Strange Tales, Showcase, First Issue Special, and New Talent Showcase. Plus: DC’s Dick Tracy tabloid, Sherlock Holmes, and Marvel’s Generic Comic Book one-shots… and who remembers the one-hit wonders Bat-Squad, Crusader, and Swashbuckler? Featuring FRANK BRUNNER (Dr. Strange), NICK CARDY (Bat-Squad), GENE COLAN (Brother Voodoo), RAMONA FRADON (Metamorpho), MIKE GRELL (The Warlord), MIKE PLOOG (Ghost Rider), HERB TRIMPE (Ant-Man), and many, many more! With a fantastic ARTHUR ADAMS cover starring Marvel Premiere graduate Dr. Strange and his bewitching girlfriend Clea! Edited by MICHAEL EURY.

Diamond Comic Distributors Order Code: DEC131454

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    BACK ISSUE! #71 (Mar 2014)
    TwoMorrows Publishing

    Back Issue #71 features interview with Jason Monarch's creator Dave Lillard

    posted Mar 15, 2014, 9:49 AM 

    BACK ISSUE! #71 (Mar 2014)
    TwoMorrows Publishing
    JASON MONARCH #1 (Feb 1979)
    Omnibus Publishing
    BACK ISSUE #71 landed in Comic Book Stores this week (3/12/2014).

    DEC131454 BACK ISSUE #71 $8.95

    The issue feature an interview with Jason Monarch's creator Dave Lillard.