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George Perez
Larry Molinar
Date: Nov 2003
ISBN 1-893905-25-0
Cover Price:  $12.95

Reprinted in:
Book (128 pages)
Eric Nolen-Weathington
George Pérez
George Pérez
Eric Nolen-Weathington

Modern Masters Vol 2: George Pérez is a 128-page b-&-w squarebound paperback. George is doing a new Solus cover for the book.

(4/26/2003): This is just the preliminary cover. George is having the background changed and the layout may change accordingly.
(5/23/2003): Final cover is colored by Larry Molinar. Introduction by Marv Wolfman.
(5/30/2003): To include some art donated by Andy Mangels.
(11/10/2003): To be available 19 November 2003.
(11/19/2003): Cover colors were altered from preview cover.

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    MESTRES MODERNOS Vol 1: GEORGE PEREZ (Brazil) (2014)
    Marsupial Editora

    art by George Perez

    GREEN GOBLIN (2003)
    art by George Pérez
    News: 10 Page Preview of Modern Masters

    March 07, 2005 01:26 am
     From Vu
    Amazon has 10 online pages of Modern Masters Volume 2: George Pérez by Eric Nolen-Weathington.
    News: Modern Masters #2 Companion DVD

    February 09, 2005 07:20 pm
     From Forum
    Modern Masters in the Studio with George Pérez
    « Thread started on: 02/09/05 at 6:16pm »
    posted by Eric Nolen-Weathington

    I hope there will be lots of George Pérez fans in attendance at this month's MegaCon. We will be there shooting footage for a DVD companion to Modern Masters Vol. 2: George Pérez. I was hoping to get a Q&A panel where we would have audience participation, but alas, things came together a bit too late to get one on the schedule. But if you come by Friday or Saturday to get a sketch and/or autograph from George, there's a good chance you could end up on the DVD. Be warned! You may be quizzed!

    I hope to see you there!

    News: Covers Modern Masters

    January 15, 2005 03:48 pm
    IGN FilmForce Weekend Shopping Guide 1/14/05: Channel Surfing
    January 14, 2005
    written by Ken P


    Sometimes it's good to be the King, but since I lack the talent of the legendary Jack Kirby, I'll just have to admire all of the breathtaking artwork in the remastered Kirby Unleashed portfolio (Twomorrows, $24.00), originally produced in 1971and containing some of the most stunning Kirby pieces you've ever laid eyes on (including additional art not available in the original edition). There's a reason he was called "The King."

    Also available from Twomorrows is the latest in their Modern Masters artist series, this time featuring Kevin Nowlan (Twomorrows, $14.95 SRP). Pick that up along with the previous volumes, featuring artists Bruce Timm, Alan Davis, and George Perez. So where's John Byrne?

    News: Pérez Mentioned in TwoMorrow's 10th Anniversary Panel

    October 21, 2004 11:31 am
     From TwoMorrows
    TwoMorrows Tenth Anniversary Panel
    Friday, September 24, 2004 8:37:33 AM

    (Conducted July 2004 at Comicon: International San Diego)
    Featuring John Morrow, Roy Thomas, Eric Nolen-Weathington, Danny Fingeroth, and Mike Manley
    Moderated by John Morrow
    Transcribed by Steven Tice


    JOHN MORROW: ...Eric, I think you recently had sort of an embarrassing moment working on your Modern Masters books.

    ERIC NOLEN-WEATHINGTON: Yeah, you get a really bad feeling in your throat when you have to call up George Perez and say, "Remember that hour-and-a-half interview that we did last week? We have to do it again because the tape screwed up." Yeah, that's not good. But my favorite memory, probably, is-- When I first started working for TwoMorrows, I was working part-time for them and doing a full-time job otherwise. I had no idea what I'd be doing. I had never done that any kind of work in magazines or books before. And the first day I'm there, we get a package. We had just started work on Streetwise, and I get a package and I open it up and it's these gorgeous Nick Cardy pencils, and I'm like, "Okay, this is going to be a cool job!" So that sticks with me every time I have to sit there and spend three hours packing up books to ship out to you guys; I just think about that to get through the day.

     January 19, 2004 | Nolen-Weathington Q&A
    From Silver Bullet Comics

    Nolen-Weathington on His Modern Masters Pérez Book: Q&A
    Posted: Sunday, January 18
    Posted By: Tim O'Shea


    Modern Masters Volume Two: George Pérez was released in late 2003 by TwoMorrows Publishing. Find a person that doesn’t think Pérez is one of the masters in comics and I think you’ve found a person that doesn’t enjoy comics in the way it should be appreciated. Adjectives don’t do justice to the work Pérez does with each project. SBC caught up with the Modern Masters editor Eric Nolen-Weathington to get the scoop on the book itself, as well as future Modern Masters volumes for 2004.

    Tim O’Shea: How hard was it to cover all the ground you wanted to, over the course of the eight hours you interviewed him? How much advance research did you do in order to minimize discussing issues he'd previously discussed and also in order to make the most of your interview time?

    Eric Nolen-Weathington: George has been in the business right at 30 years, so I knew it would be impossible to cover everything. My goal with the interview was to balance the highlights of his career with subjects he hasn't talked about as much. I spent about a month reading every interview with him I could find, including older ones from Amazing Heroes, Focus on George Pérez, Accent on the First "E", etc., as well as every Pérez comic and letters page (you'd be surprised at how much you can glean from an old letters page) I could lay my hands on, taking notes along the way. With things like Crisis and New Teen Titans, there are certain questions I had to ask, but there was room to find things he hadn't previously talked about.

    [ Read more Nolen-Weathington on His Modern Masters Pérez Book: Q&A ]

     November 19, 2003 | Modern Masters 2: George Perez
    From Vu

    MODERN MASTERS #2: GEORGE PEREZ was released today. The book looks great, although I had the chance to read it in its entirety, it looks like one big giant interview.

    The interviews are broken up by six chapters: "Has anyone contacted George Pérez?", Enter Marvel: A Young Artist with Enthusiam, Making a Mark of his own at DC Comics, Bad Endings, False Starts, and New Beginnings, Can't Get enough of Earth's Mightiest Heroes, and Storytelling and the Creative Process.

    There are a lot of art through the book, and they are reproduced quite nicely. Although everything looks solid, as far as proof-reading and crediting goes, there is a drawing on page 121 which erroneously reads: "Attuma", "Thor" (Trigon and the Anti-Monitor, see scan.)

    Here is an excerpt from the book:

    Once I simplified my work, to me it just ended up looking like a coloring book. One of the toughest parts is that when I drew my work I didn't think of color all that much. I was drawing just to see what the finished artwork would look like on my end, because if the coloring was bad, at least the line work held up.

    Now the opposite is true. Certain things I no longer draw. I no longer draw clouds in the sky, a colorist can paint clouds a lot better. Sometimes I might put an outline if I want the clouds to have a certain shape, but they paint over that. Certain effects I don't have to do anymore.

    In the old days, the relationship between the penciler and the inker was important the colorist were kind of an add-on. They were there in order to provide a color comic, they weren't always the greatest of storytellers. Now coloring is so much a part of storytelling, that colorist are becoming recognized participants in the storytelling process. When computer coloring came in, for a while people were just dazzled by the idea of, "ooh, we can do millions and millions of colors." So we got some incredibly garish and flamboyant pages that on their own worked fine - sometimes beautifully-but didn't tell the story. Eventually the real artist proved how you can use this technology and make it work for the medium. Now you're finding a whole crop of great graphic artist who are coming in who understand storytelling and aren't always bounded by the old traditions of comic book coloring. They're creating a whole new language. People who have been coloring comics for years are being reeducated. Now the relationship between the penciler, inker, and the colorist is very, very important.

    This book is definitely one for your Perez collection.

     November 10, 2003 | Modern Masters To Ship 11/19
    From Diamond

    Shipping Next Week: November 19

    The following products are expected to ship to comic book specialty stores next week. Note that this list is tentative and subject to change. Please check with your retailer for availability.


     October 22, 2003 | Modern Masters to Ship 11/12
    From Two Morrows

    Modern Masters Volume Two: George Pérez
    Modified: Tuesday, September 30, 2003 6:33:20 PM

    Second volume focuses on George Pérez, from The Avengers and Teen Titans to Crisis and beyond!

    • Contains rare and unseen artwork, direct from George’s private files!
    • Features a comprehensive interview with Pérez on his stellar career, including the JLA/Avengers series!
    • DELUXE Sketchbook section & MORE!

    The 128-page trade paperback with a full color cover and black-and-white interiors retails for $12.95 in the U.S. and ships 12 November 2003.

    $17 US postpaid (Canada: $19, Elsewhere: $20 Surface, $24 Airmail)

     October 22, 2003 | Modern Masters Sent to Printers
    From Eric Nolen-Weathington

    Modern Masters V2
    posted 10/22/03 4:17 AM

    Modern Masters Vol 2: George Pérez was finally sent to the printer today. I apologize for the delay. I've had to pull a lot of extra shifts on my second job and have had precious little extra time the past three months. George has gone over the final layout and seems to be happy with it, I hope you all will be too.

     October 3, 2003 | TwoMorrows' Shipping Schedules
    From Ilke Hincer


    According to, Modern Masters Vol.2 is scheduled to ship on Nov. 12, while The Legion Companion will hit stores on Nov. 19.

     September 21, 2003 | Nolen-Weathington Update
    From Eric Nolen-Weathington

    Baltimore Comic-Con
    posted 9/20/03 5:24 PM

    Much to my regret, I was not able to make it to Baltimore Comic-Con after all. The drive from Raleigh through Virginia and on to Baltimore was just too treacherous, especially as my wife and son were coming along. On the positive side, I'm using the time to finish up the book.

     September 19, 2003 | MM #2 Almost Done
    From Eric Nolen-Weathington

    Baltimore Comic-Con
    posted 9/19/03 3:55 AM

    Modern Masters V2: George Pérez is almost done. It's a little late, I know, but hopefully it will be going to press next week. I will have a dummy copy at the Baltimore Comic-Con (assuming the hurricane doesn't prevent me from getting there) which anyone is welcome to look at. It will either be at the TwoMorrows booth or with George.

     July 23, 2003 | Batman & Robin Cover Explained
    From Eric Nolen-Weathington

    Topic: Modern Masters Cover
    posted 7/23/03 1:35 AM

    The Batman & Robin cover was done several months ago. TwoMorrows had just signed up with Diamond's bookstore distribution. Diamond puts together the catalogs for the bookstore market once every 6 months and I needed a cover much sooner than the deadline I gave George for the Previews catalog and there was no way he could get it done in time. So I just scanned a plate from DC's Pérez portfolio, did some quick coloring, and sent it off.

    The Solus image is the actual cover being used for the book.

     July 22, 2003 | Different Modern Masters Cover?

    Modern Masters Volume Two: George Perez
    by Eric Nolen-Weathington, George Perez (Illustrator)

    List Price: $12.95
    Availability: This item has not yet been released. You may order it now and we will ship it to you when it arrives.

  • Paperback: 128 pages
  • Publisher: Twomorrows Publishing; (August 2003)
  • ISBN: 189390525X

    (Vu: Does this mean they did not get permission to use Andra Radiant on the cover? Or perhaps a mockup cover based on this advertisement. Using Netscape's modification information, the image was last modified Thursday, July 03, 2003 8:53:14 AM, which is fairly recent. Also, as noted April 26, 2003 | Modern Master Cover, these are all preliminary covers.)

  •  July 14, 2003 | Pérez Profiled in MM
    From Diamond

    Pérez Profiled in TwoMorrow's Modern Masters Volume 2
    week of 7/14/2003

    Fans who are eagerly awaiting the DC Comics/Marvel Comics crossover adventure between the JLA and the Avengers can offer them added insight into the legendary artist who will bring the two universes' heroes to visual life with TwoMorrows Publishing's Modern Masters Volume 2: George Pérez (JUL032522, $12.95), which is solicited in the July Previews.

    Other artists have successfully rendered the characters of the DC and Marvel Universes, but few have done it on the epic scale that has become Pérez's trademark. His ability to weave stories on broad tapestries for The Avengers, Teen Titans, Crisis on Infinite Earths and other projects has made him one of the most prolific and widely praised creators in the medium's history. TwoMorrows' renown for publishing many acclaimed works that celebrate comics and its creators should yield another extraordinary "Pérez book" for those aficionados.

    The 128-page softcover will offer an in-depth look at the artist's life and career - his Puerto Rican upbringing, how he broke into the comics field, and how he developed the uncanny eye for detail that has made his work shine. Discussions with Pérez will be complemented by examples of his art, including many pages of previously unseen work that should make this volume an essential item for any new or veteran Pérez fan.

    The book is scheduled to ship on September 24.

     July 7, 2003 | SDCC Schedule
    From San Diego Comic-con

    (Vu: Here's some of the schedule for SDCC that might be of interest.)

    Programming Schedule: Day 1

    We begin the complete announcement of our 2003 Programming schedule with Thursday, July 17. Stay tuned for Days 2, 3 and 4!



    2:00–3:00 CrossGen 2003!— What's next for Sojourn, Lady Death, and the rest of CrossGen's line-up? Find out as Chuck Dixon (Way of the Rat, Sigil, Crux, El Cazador), Ron Marz (The Path), Tony Bedard (Route 666, Mystic, Negation), Barbara Kesel (Solus, The First, Meridian), Ian Edginton (Sojourn, Scion), Robert Rodi (The Crossovers), Brian Pulido (Lady Death). and R. A. Salvatore (DemonWars) reveal their plans and answer your questions! Room 3

    4:00–5:30 Death of the Letter Column— What the @#$% happened? Time was, the comic book letter column was a hotbed of controversy, intrigue, and fans about to become pros. Now it’s a vanishing breed, with the most interesting examples turning up in some of the independently published comics. Join Marv Wolfman (one of those fans turned pro) as he chats with Batton Lash (whose comics Supernatural Law and Mavis still run letter columns each and every issue), well-known letter hacks Malcolm Bourne and Dana Gabbard, and another fan-turned-pro, Bob Hall, as they discuss the life, death, and future of letter columns in comics. Room 16AB

    Programming Schedule: Day 2

    FRIDAY, JULY 18:

    10:30–11:30 TwoMorrows Publishing— Find out what's new (and old!) from the publisher that’s bringing new life to comics fandom! Panelists Mark Evanier (Wertham Was Right!), George Khoury (Extraordinary Works of Alan Moore), Eric Nolen-Weathington (Modern Masters), Danny Fingeroth (Write Now!), and Pete Von Sholly (CHGGGWOM) will be on hand to spill the beans about their new projects. Moderated by publisher John Morrow (Jack Kirby Collector). Room 3

    4:00–5:00 Cup o’ Joe (Quesada)— Marvel editor-in-chief Joe Quesada sits down to talk about whatever you the fans want to ask. Joe shoots from the hip and never pulls punches. Find out what's happening at Marvel right now and what's in store for the future straight from the man himself! Room 1AB

    5:00–6:00 CrossGen: Tomorrow’s Technology Today— You've heard the rumors and read the announcements. Now see the future for yourself! How will comics jump to DVDs? Find out and witness a few more surprises that will help CrossGen shepherd comics into the next century! Room 1AB

     June 26, 2003 | Modern Masters Advertisment
    From Vu

    Advertisement from PREVIEWS vol 13, #7:

     June 20, 2003 | Diamond: Modern Masters #2
    From Diamond

    George Pérez Is Honored as a Master

    There’s no question that George Pérez has helped revolutionize comic art with attention to flow, form, and detail. There could be no Oscar Jimenez (Vu: Do they mean Phil Jimenez?) if there wasn’t’ a George Pérez! The Modern Masters Volume 2: George Pérez concentrates on the artist’s career, revealing for you page after page of unseen artwork. Includes a comprehensive interview with Pérez on how he broke into the comics field, and his attention to detail that’s made him one of comics’ top tier talents. Look for this book from Twomorrow’s Publishing in the Comics section of Previews!

     June 19, 2003 | CrossCurrents (Jun 03)
    From SOLUS #4

    CROSSCURRENTS (Jun 2003)
    By Gina M Villa

    You've waited. You've wondered. And now it's payoff time. It's also True Confessions time. We've always said that all our books stand alone, that you need not read all of them to understand and enjoy one and while that promise remains unbroken, we've also added something special to the mix: one book that illuminates all others. A book called SOLUS.

    If you're a longtime George Pérez fan, you certain can read only this book to enjoy his art. And if you love Barbara Kesel's ability to weave dense mysteries, you can also read it to enjoy a star-spanning story of a woman searching for herself, but you'd be missing out. There's so much more. In all honesty, SOLUS is the linchpin title to our entire universe. If you're a loyal reader, a fan that's followed our saga since it began, then you need to read this book. You'll want to read it. You owe it to yourself to read it. So, yes, all of our books stand on their own two feet… but SOLUS it the rock that anchors the ground they all stand on.

    As you can imagine, we've been asked: "Why did you put George Pérez - an artist who will attract readers who have never picked up a CrossGen title - on a book so enmeshed in your overarching uber-story?"

    Simply put, you guys are the best, most faithful, fans in the world - bar none - and you deserve the best we can give you. Sure, we like to think we do that every issue, every month, but as we planned for this big "Year in Reveals" in the CrossGen Universe, we wanted to do something extra special for those of you who have followed and supported us from the beginning. We decided that the best way to do that was to have one of the best artists in the world draw the book that will be a the primary vehicle used to bring together the many threads we've been weaving up to this point. We're grateful to you, we owe you that, and you deserve it. Thus, you have SOLUS, penciled by the legendary George Pérez (and beautifully enhanced by Rick Magyar and Larry Molinar).

    Take my word for it: something big is on the way. The mysteries you've been pondering are about to be divulged. The secrets are about to be revealed. And SOLUS is where it's gonna happen!

    (Vu: Background image is from the cover of MODERN MASTERS #2: GEORGE PEREZ.)

     June 3, 2003 | Pipeline #312
    From Comic Book Resources

    Pipeline, Issue #312
    Tuesday June 3, 2003
    Augie De Blieck Jr.


    I talked to TwoMorrows' Eric Nolen-Weathington about MODERN MASTERS: ALAN DAVIS and a little about his upcoming George Perez book in the same series. (A review of the Davis book is forthcoming. Short story: I liked it.) The TwoMorrows people are doing great work for fans of comics. A look at the magazines and books on display at their booth make for a terrific reading list of material.

     June 3, 2003 | Modern Masters #2 in September
    From Eric Nolen-Weathington, via Forum

    Topic: Modern Master V2 Update
    posted 6/3/03 3:59 AM

    You may have looked through Previews last week and noticed an ad for Modern Masters Vol 2, but no solicitation. Diamond lost the solicitation info. As a result of this, the book will be solicited for September (they're giving us a free ad for the book that month as an apology) and the book will ship the first week of that month.

     May 30, 2003 | Nolen-Weathington Interview at SBC
    From Silver Bullet Comics

    Talking with the Modern Masters: TwoMorrows Editor Eric Nolen-Weathington
    Posted: Thursday, May 29
    By: Tim O'Shea


    Tim O'Shea: What can you tell us about Volume 2?
    Eric Nolen-Weathington: Modern Masters Volume 2: George Pérez will be out in late August. It has an introduction by Marv Wolfman and will be the same size and format as Volume 1. The art is being provided by George and Andy Mangels, who did the George Pérez Archive for CBLDF, and there's going to be a lot of art that's never been published before, as hard as that may be to believe. The problem I'm having with George is trying to fit his career into only 128 pages. The man's done a lot of work! I'm finishing up the interviews now and it's been a lot of fun so far!

     May 23, 2003 | Wolfman to Write Intro to Modern Master
    From Eric Nolen-Weathington, via Forum

    Topic: Modern Master V2 Update
    posted 5/23/03 2:49 AM

    I wanted to let you know that Marv Wolfman will be doing the introduction to the book. Also, I got the final color from Larry Molinar a week or so ago and it looks great! I don't know if we're going to replace it on the website or not because it doesn't read as well at thumbnail size, but I'll try to give you a look before too long.

     April 26, 2003 | Modern Master Cover
    From Eric Nolen-Weathington, via Forum

    Topic: Modern Master V2 Update
    posted 4/25/03 7:03 PM

    The cover to Modern Masters Vol 2: George Pérez is now on the website! Actually, this is just the preliminary cover. George is having the background changed and the layout may change accordingly.

    Modern Masters Volume Two: George Pérez

    For more than twenty-five years George Pérez has been a fan favorite in the comic book field. From his artwork for The Avengers and Teen Titans to the Crisis on Infinite Earths series which forever changed DC Comics, this versatile and influential artist is known for delivering top-notch art that fans can’t get enough of! Now, this second volume in the new Modern Masters series delves into the artist’s life, as Pérez discusses his Puerto Rican upbringing, how he broke into the comics field, and the attention to detail that has made him one of comics’ top tier talents.

    Modern Masters Volume 2: George Pérez contains page after page of rare and unseen artwork, illustrating a comprehensive interview with Pérez on his stellar career! Released in conjunction with Pérez’ work in the upcoming JLA/Avengers series - one of the most highly anticipated events in comic book history - this book is the first such retrospective of the highly acclaimed artist, and the ultimate look at the work of a true Modern Master: George Pérez!

    The 128-page trade paperback with a full color cover and black-and-white interiors retails for $12.95 in the U.S. and ships 20 August 2003.

    $17 US postpaid (Canada: $19, Elsewhere: $20 Surface, $24 Airmail)

     February 8, 2003 | Modern Masters Advertisment
    From Richard Galego, via Perez Art Group

  • Advertisment for MODERN MASTERS
  •  February 7, 2003 | Modern Masters #2 Info
    From Eric Nolen-Weathington, via Forum

    Topic: Modern Masters Vol 2
    posted 2/7/03 2:55 AM

    I wanted to wait a little longer before talking about it, but since people are seeking it out now, here it is: Modern Masters Vol 2: George Pérez is scheduled for August and will be a 128-page b-&-w squarebound paperback. George is doing a new Solus cover for the book which I should be receiving in the next couple of weeks. I'm busy putting the finishing touches on Vol 1 (Alan Davis) right now, but I'll keep you updated as things move along.

     February 5, 2003 | Modern Masters #2
    From Ilke Hincer

    Alter Ego #21 (released Feb. 5) has an ad for TwoMorrows Publishing's new series of 'profile' books, spotlighting great comic creators. Modern Masters Volume One will feature Alan Davis, and will include an interview, rare and unpublished art, sketches, and a discussion of his influences. The cool thing is that, for Volume Two, the featured creator will be... George Pérez!

    Updated Feb 8th: See scan of advertisment.
     November 22, 2002 | Site Update
    From Vu
    I don't want to jump the gun, but keep an eye out for TwoMorrows' magazines (they publish COMIC BOOK ARTIST, COMICOLOGY, KIRBY COLLECTOR, etc)... There might be some Pérez Legionnaire artwork. It hasn't been completely confirmed, but if you notice anything, you know where to reach me.