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WIZARD #202 (Aug 2008)

Cover A: Steve McNiven
Cover B: Alex Ross
Cover C: (photo)
WIZARD #202  
Aug 2008
Wizard (

Civil War superstars Mark Millar and Steve McNiven reunite to take on Marvel's most popular mutant, Wolverine! What do these powerhouses have in store for this highly anticipated turn? Find out here!

Mark your calendars for July 18-that's the day when "The Dark Knight"
hits theaters nationwide! Before the movie-directed by Christopher Nolan and starring Christian Bale (Batman/Bruce Wayne) and Heath Ledger (Joker)-hits, we honor Ledger with a profile of his life and finals days.

Thanks to the superstar New Avengers team of Brian Michael Bendis and Leinil Yu, those shape-shifting Skrulls have taken over the Marvel Universe. Which heroes have been replaced? Can the heroes repel the Secret Invasion? Who can you trust? Wizard, that's who-trust us to give you all the info you'll need on one of summer's biggest events!

Joss Whedon and Karl Moline team up again for a Buffy arc that finds the Vampire Slayer clashing with her futuristic descendent, Fray, who first originated in the Dark Horse miniseries by.Whedon and Moline!

We've got the lowdown on this Slayer showdown!

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    WIZARD #202 (Cover A) (Aug 2008)

    WIZARD #202 (Cover B) (Aug 2008)

    WIZARD #202 (Cover C) (Aug 2008)

    Legion of Three Worlds
    13 July 2008, 11:23PM CDT by vu (vu sleeper) [updated at 12:07AM CDT]



    George Perez and Geoff Johns give the 'Rebirth' treatment to the Legion of Super-Heroes in August
    By the Wizard Staff
    Posted 07/08/08
    LEGION OF THREE WORLDSYou couldn't find two creators better suited to reboot the Legion of Super-Heroes in Final Crisis: Legion of Three Worlds. With artist George Perez well, the preceeding pages tell you all about his staggering resume with super-teams. And with Geoff Johns, you have a writer who's successful revamped Green Lantern, Hawkman, Flash's Rogues Gallery and several others.

    With the five-issue Three Worlds miniseries, Johns and Perez unite all three incarnations of the Legion throughout DC history in a single adventure to halt the menace of Superman-Prime. Gearing up for its Aug. 20 launch, we caught up with Johns and Perez to see just how pumped they are for the challenge.

    [ Read more on ]