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PRIME #16 (Nov 1994) Malibu Comics

cover:  George Perez
Jerry Ordway
Date: Nov 1994
Cover Price: $1.95
Publisher: Malibu Comics

introducing Turbo Charge (created by Len Strazewski/George Perez)

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    "Up Against The Wall!"  (22 pages)
    writer:  Len Strazewski
    Gerard Jones
    art:  Joel Thomas
    Jason Martin
    colors:  N/A
    letters:  N/A
    editor:  N/A
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    PRIME #16 (Nov 1994)
    Malibu Comics

    PRIME #1 (Italy) (1995)
    Panini Comics

     September 26, 2003 | It Came From the Quarter Bin
    From Newsarama

    09-26-2003 10:50 AM
    by Ryan McLelland

    Prime #16
    Malibu Comics / Ultraverse
    Released: November 1994


    Is renowned superhero Prime a child molester? Say it ain't so Prime! After fighting villains on Earth and the beyond, Prime finds himself not facing the newest ultimate villain but possibly an even worse threat: the press. With news reporters hot on his trail, Prime is forced to flee the scene as reporters try to discover what’s Prime fascination with a certain cute thirteen-year-old girl. Prime #16 is an amazing look at superheroing and the repercussions that can follow, written by comic legends Gerard Jones and Len Strazewski.

    The idea of a kid turning into a superhero certainly isn't groundbreaking, since Captain Marvel has being shouting "SHAZAM!" since the 1940's. However Prime's alter-ego Kevin Green has to deal with 1990's problems like trying to get girls to notice him and trying not to be considered a total dweeb (and not succeeding very well in either venture). When he gains the power to become the powerful Prime, he uses his powers not only to save the day, but help save a girl he has a crush on from school. Prime's answer to Lois Lane, Kelly Cantrell continues to find herself in the middle of trouble only to be pulled out by the heroic Prime time after time again.