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ULTRAFORCE #1 (Aug 1994) Malibu Comics

cover:  George Perez
Date:  Aug 1994
Cover Price:  $2.95
Publisher: Malibu Comics

Reprinted in:

includes free Ultraverse Skybox card: Prime UF1
Reprinted in ULTRAFORCE #1 (Italy) and ULTRAFORCE #1 (Spain) (1995)

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    Malibu Comics

    ULTRAFORCE #1 (Aug 1994)
    Malibu Comics

    ULTRAFORCE #1 (Foil) (Aug 1994)
    Malibu Comics

    ULTRAFORCE #1 (Hologram) (Aug 1994)
    Malibu Comics

    UP 'N COMING! #43 (Aug 1994)
    Styx Publications

    COMICS BUYER'S GUIDE #1085 (02 Sep 1994)
    Krause Publication

    News: Panini Italy Remembers Ultraverse

    September 01, 2005 06:21 pm

    ULTRAFORCE #1 (Aug 1994)
    Malibu Comics


    AVENGERS / ULTRAFORCE #1 (Oct 1995)

    ULTRAFORCE / AVENGERS #1 (Fall 1995)
    L'Ultraverse è un universo supereroistico creato dalla Malibu comics all'inizio degli anni '90. Inizialmente le storie dei personaggi Ultraverse sono state pubblicate in Italia dalla General Press, sulle serie Strangers e Freex, e dalla Star Comics,su Prime e Starmagazine. Con l'acquisizione dell'etichetta da parte della Marvel Comics, e il conseguente inserimento dei personaggi Ultraverse nel Marvel Universe, anche i diritti di pubblicazione sono passati a Marvel Italia. La pubblicazione delle serie Ultraverse è cessata nella seconda metà degli anni '90 in USA e, di conseguenza, anche in Italia. Riportiamo qui la descrizione degli albi Ultraverse editi da Marvel Italia.


    Serie di tre albi, 1995, esauriti.
    Miniserie di tre albi (numerati da -3 a -1) che funge da trade d’union tra le serie Malibu/Ultraverse pubblicate dalla Star Comics e dalla General Press e le nuove serie PRIME e ULTRAFORCE di Marvel Italia, create in seguito all'acquisto dei diritti dell'universo Ultimate da parte della Marvel Comics. I tre albi contengono storie di Firearm (di James Robinson), Prime, Mantra e Rune (di Barry Windsor Smith).

    Serie di quattro albi, 1995-1996, esauriti.
    Quattro numeri, numerati dallo 0 al 3, che ospitano le avventure del supergruppo Ultraforce, disegnate dal grande George Perèz e brevi racconti di Contrary, Hardcase, Mantra, Prototype, Lord Pumpkin ed Eliminator. La serie Ultraforce prosegue su VENDICATORI/ULTRAFOCE: PRELUDIO (MARVEL MINISERIE 27). Del numero zero di questa collana esiste una variant cover gold.

    Numero unico, 1996, esaurito.
    Albo speciale che raccoglie due storie di Ultraforce, scritte da Hank Kanalz e Marv Wolfman e disegnate da George Perèz, e l'albo speciale Avengers\Ultraforce: Prelude che funge da prologo alla miniserie Avengers\Ultraforce pubblicata su WIZ 13/15.

     March 10, 2003 | Pacesetter #1 Review
    From Vu

  • Although the title is PACESETTER: THE GEORGEPEREZ MAGAZINE #1, it really is THE GEORGE PEREZ NEWSLETTER #4. The new title fits the magazine better than "newsletter" but personally, I wouldn't mind it if it just continued the numbering, sort of like VECTOR #14).

    What's cool about this issue is that it's exclusively just independent comic works! Since most of us usually stick with Marvel or DC Comics, you can learn and see a lot of stuff that you normally don't see in this issue.

    As usual, there is an exclusive interview with George Pérez, mostly focusing on his independent works:

    PACESETTER: of all the indy publishers that you've worked for, which one did you enjoy working the most? Why?
    GPz: I guess that it would have to be Topps because of the opportunity it gave me to work with Gil Kane, Editor Jim Salicrup, whom I've known since I started in the business, was great to work with and he even let me ink a Steve Ditko cover for JACK KIRBY'S SECRET CITY. Kane and Ditko I was in fanboy heaven. If you count the "Heavy Hitters" imprint as an indy, I loved working with Peter David on SACH AND VIOLENS immensely, even though I had trouble keeping the schedule after the first two issues. The subject matter really excited me on that one.

    My favorite article is actually how the cover to BREAKNECK BLVD #0 was born. To be honest, I've never seen or heard of this comic book, but it has a George Pérez and Dick Giordano cover.

    Other great articles include an interview with CAPTAIN AWARENESS's Danny DeAngelo and how he came to work with George Pérez.

    The interview with Gerard Jones mostly deal with Ultraforce, but I was surprised to learn that he's doing work for VIZ Comics in translating Japanese to English for American audiences. For those who doesn't know, VIZ published the US version of SHONEN JUMP, which is quite popular with the Yu-Gi-Oh/Dragonball Z crowd.

    One of the cool thing that I noticed at the Pérez art gallery, is that it has some other designs for SPACE CASES, which I just mentioned on this website not too long ago.

    Anyway, there's a lot more stuff, which I can't really cover, but check it out yourself next Wednesday at your local comic store, if you haven't already bought your copy directly from Tony himself.