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BREAK-THRU #2 (Jan 1994) Malibu Comics

cover:  George Perez
Date: Jan 1994
Cover Price:  $2.50
Publisher: Malibu Comics


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    "The Secrets Of The Ultraverse" (22 pages)
    writer:  Gerard Jones
    Mike Barr
    Steve Englehart
    Steve Gerber
    James Hudnall
    Tom Mason
    George Perez
    James Robinson
    Len Strazewski
    art:  George Perez
    Al Vey
    colors:  ()
    letters:  ()
    editor:  ()

    BREAK-THRU #2 (Jan 1994)
    Malibu Comics

    STAR MAGAZINE #48 (Italy) (1994)
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    BREAK-THRU #2 (Spain) (1995)
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     May 17, 2003 | Ultraverse, 10 Years Later
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    BREAK-THRU #1 (Spain) (1995)
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    BREAK-THRU #2 (Jan 1994)
    Malibu Comics
    posted May 16, 2003 08:35 AM
    special to Newsarama by Ryan McLelland


    Though sales of the Ultraverse would start to fall from month after month, the comics were still looked upon as fun reading. When characters crossed over into other books, a general sense of adding to the characters' continuity was considered relevant to the story rather than looking at the crossover as a way to boost sagging sales. Malibu's first company-wide crossover "Break-Thru" was not launched simply as a marketing tool, but introduced readers to plots only glimpsed upon in the regular titles, plotting that had been conceived upon in the creator's 'bible', helping to flesh out where the Ultra's origins had come from.

    The writers would also face stress from its editors in the form of flavor-of-the-month pencillers. "I know I would have not chosen certain people (editors) wanted as artists," Hudnall said. "(Editors) begged me to accept certain pencillers that they wanted as the artists. They begged me to accept certain pencillers that did not work out. I should have stuck by my instincts and said no." Some of the artists whose drawings would grace the pages of the Ultraverse include comic book mainstays Joe Maduriera, Mike Wieringo, Terry Dodson, and George Perez.