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AVENGERS #181 (Mar 1979) Marvel Comics

cover:  George Perez
Terry Austin
Date: Mar 1979
Cover Price: $0.35

Reprinted in:

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      "On The Matter of Heroes!" (17 pages) 
    writer:  David Michelinie 
    art:  John Byrne
    Al Vey (finishes)
    Gene Day
    editor:  Jim Shooter
    AVENGERS #181 (Mar 1979)
    Marvel Comics
    AVENGERS #181 (UK) (Mar 1979)
    Marvel Comics

    Marvel Comics

    MARVEL MASTERWORKS: THE AVENGERS VOL. 18 (Variant) (24 Apr 2018)
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    AVENGERS MASTERWORKS #18 (Digital) (11 Apr 2018)
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    Fred Hembeck's Avengers #181

    posted Feb 5, 2010 12:07 PM by vu sleeper


    AVENGERS #181 (Mar 1979)

    avengers #181 cover redo by hembeck
    from worldofagwu

    News: Whitman and British Variants Updates

    February 04, 2006 01:30 pm
     From Vu (email)
    Updated some Whitman & British Variants, information from: FANTASTIC FOUR #172 (British) FANTASTIC FOUR #194 (Whitman), AVENGERS #161 (Whitman), AVENGERS #164 (Whitman), AVENGERS #181 (British), and AVENGERS #185 (British).


    News: Creator's Picks: Joe Casey

    January 23, 2005 11:14 am
     From WIZARD #160
    Comic Pros reveal the books that shaped them.

    AVENGERS #181 (Mar 1979)
    Marvel Comics

    If there's one writer in comicdom who can't be pinned down, it's Joe Casey. With stins on mainstream books like Uncanny X-Men, you'd think Casey would be happy at the Bit Two. But the scribe has an edgy side as well, as shown in his groundbreaking work on WildC.A.T.s and Automatic Kafka. In addition to launching WildStorm's latest superteen team, The Intimates, Casey's also taking a crack at the Avengers with Marvel's Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes. Check out the issue that shaped him!

    AVENGERS #161 "Beware the Ant-Man!" by Jim Shooter and George P�rez. "MY favorite single issue from when I was a kid. And it still holds up tfor me today. A great story that gave you a sense of the history of the Avengers, but was still modern in its execution. Fantastic characterization, and their greatest nemesis, Ultron, in one of his coolest appearance. NM Value: $9

    AVENGERS #181 "On the Matter of heroes" by David Michelinie and John Byrne. "Michelinie is such an underrated writer and this issue, where NSC Agent Henry Gyrich actually dictates teh Avengers' membership, is my favorite from his run. I loved how P�rez did a cover that was exactly like the Bryne splash inside. Or was it the other way around?" NM Value: $7

     May 31, 2004 12:00 am | Avengers #181 Recreation Inked
    From Avengers Comicboard

    speaking of........
    Posted by MB on Sunday, May 30 2004 at 22:41:51 GMT

    Here's a recreation piece I just finished for someone....I figures the original George drew would have gotten a couple votes.


    850 � 1164 01a1a181aven.jpg (272 kb)

     May 10, 2004 08:07 pm | Avengers #181 Recreation Cover
    From Tim Hall

    AVENGERS #181 (Mar 1979)
    Marvel Comics
    AVENGERS #181 (Apr 2004), art by Mitch Ballard, commissioned by Tim Hall

    I recently commissioned a recreation of Avengers #181 cover to be drawn by Mitch Ballard. He has posted the "rough" pencils on his website.

     February 28, 2002 | Top 100 Covers
    From Vu
    WIZARD #127 (it came out yesterday) ran a feature "Top 100 Covers of all Time", in which the following George Perez covers made it:
    AVENGERS #181 (Mar 1979)
    Marvel Comics
    99. AVENGERS #181 (1978)

    From the very first time, cover penciler George Perez indulged his love for super-detail by craming in 24 characters on a single cover. "That was the first time I'd drawn that many characters on one cover," says, Perez. He then deadpans, "Later, though, I'd surass that number by multiples!" (No kidding - Perez packed 562 characters on the Crisis on Infinite Earths hardcover cover 20 years later.)

    23. NEW TEEN TITANS #39 (1984)

    There's no doubting the message of this George Perez cover: Robin and Kid Flash quit. "I had to get permission from DC, which was a little antsy about having the logo obscured," says Perez. "Part of the inspiration for that cover was John Romita's cover to Amazing Spider-Man #50, with Spider-Man walking away."


    Whoa. This cover gesture of a saddened character holding another has been used since Michelangeo's Pieta statue (most notably, Thor #124's Odin holding Thor, and Uncanny X-Men #136's Cyclops holding Phoenix), but George Perez's riveting cover stands out because it's Superman grieving over the lifeless body of Supergirl.

    Incidentally, NEW TEEN TITANS #39 cover's inspiration AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #50 made number one cover of all time, according to Wizard Magazine.