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AVENGERS #2 (Wanda cover) (Errata) (Mar 1998) Marvel Comics

cover:  George Perez
AVENGERS #2 (Wanda cover) (Errata)  
Date: Mar 1998
Cover Price:  $1.99

Unpublished cover for
Originally the cover had Wanda in chains, but was quickly replaced at last minute because of concerns rose about the appropriateness of the initial design.

Cover was eventually published in AVENGERS: THE MORGAN CONQUEST and AVENGERS ASSEMBLE HC.

Cover scan and color by Tom Smith.

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     January 1, 2003 | Logoless Covers at AMB
    From ES

    Tom Smith made a post on the AVENGERS Message Board of Avengers Vol #3 Covers #2 (alternate), and #29 with out the logo.

    (Vu: In case anyone doesn't know, the "Wanda in Bondage" cover was never used because of protential controversy. The cover was eventually published in AVENGERS: THE MORGAN CONQUEST.)