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AVENGERS #21 (Oct 1999) Marvel Comics

cover:  George Perez
Date: Oct 1999
Cover Price: $1.99

Reprinted in:
Translated and reprinted in LOS VENGADORES #21, DIE RACHER vol 3, #3 (German), IRON MAN vol 2, #20 (France), and IRON MAN & I VENDICATORI #52 (Italian).

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    "This Evil Unveiled" (22 pgs)
    writer:  Kurt Busiek
    art:  George Perez
    Al Vey
    colors:  Tom Smith
    letters:  Richard Starkings
    editor:  Tom Brevoort
    Bob Harris (chief)
    Information from vu   
    AVENGERS #21 (Oct 1999)
    Marvel Comics

    AVENGERS #21 (Digital) (26 Jun 2012)
    Marvel Comics

    AVENGERS ASSEMBLE #2 HC (Mar 2005)
    Marvel Comics

    AVENGERS UNITED #10 (UK) (Feb 2002)
    Panini Comics

    LOS VENGADORES #21 (Spain) (2000)

    IRON MAN #20 (France) (Oct 2000)
    Panini Comics

    AVENGERS #57 / THUNDERBOLTS #19 (Mexico) (12 Apr 2002)
    Grupo Editorial Vid.

    Panini Comics

     May 11, 2003 | JLA/A Panel Part 9
    From ES

    transcribed by ES

    Continuing the extensive coverage of THE JLA/AVENGERS PANEL from PITTSBURGH COMICON (April 25-27, 2003). Compiled transcription in: TRANSCRIPT OF THE JLA/AVENGERS PANEL WITH SPEAKER GEORGE PEREZ BY ES.

    Fan: Yes. Hi. I just wanted to get your feelings on, ah, you've worked with Kurt for awhile now. I just wanted to get your feeling on your working relationship and how things are working on this project oppose to working on the AVENGERS book monthly.

    George Perez: Well working on the AVENGERS book is obviously different from working on the JLA/AVENGERS for no other reason than, ah, Kurt would do a plot on JLA/AVENGERS and not see artwork for weeks and weeks on end as opposed to the regular AVENGERS book where everything was much more immediate you know I would get a plot a week he's getting artwork and we have to get it done by a certain time.

    The fact that the last plot I received from Kurt Busiek was months ago and I still getting ready to start it. I have to wait for references. That is a very unique situation.

    Working with Kurt is a dream. I compare it to the greatest compliment that I can give to any writer it reminds me of working with Marv Wolfman on the TITANS. Marv spoiled me for many writers as far as a great give and take working relationship the generosity of Marv Wolfman can't be over emphasize he is responsible for my writing for the first time, ah, when I was co-plotting TITANS.

    I felt it was just part of the job Marv felt my contribution were worthy of not only credit, but pay. There was no financial structure for a co-plotter at that time. Marv paid me out of his pocket from his pay for co-plotting and on a creative level Marv and I got to such a symbiotic relationship there was no written plot anymore. We would discuss it I would draw it and the only written plot was the plot I gave Marv telling him what I had just drawn. I had to explain it to Marv who had a lousy memory he couldn't remember what we talked about (laughs).

    But working with Kurt is a dream it has been one of the great relationships and when the choice came to write the JLA/AVENGERS there was no question. At one point we were considering having Kurt and Mark Waid working together, but at the time Mark was still writing the JUSTICE LEAGUE, ah, but when the book was being brought together Mark was no longer on the JUSTICE LEAGUE and the writer of the JUSTICE LEAGUE (Joe Kelly) really didn't want to work on the crossover and, so Kurt ended up having the challenge of studying the history of both teams. And I must say he took his job very, very seriously because he knows he is working with of the most anal retentive artist (laughs)

    Serious when it comes to detail and wanting to get it right they are still badly burned and scarred from the cover I did to the AVENGERS (AVENGERS Vol#3 #21) that showed the characters in the middle of the ULTRON story line where they are raising their fist in battle, ah, the BLACK PANTHER and, for no apparent reason, FIRESTAR is not there even though she is in that scene inside the book.

    (George fakes a rant) 'I said why didn't you tell me FIRESTAR was going to be in the scene. I left FIRESTAR out I wanted everyone in that scene on that page so they learned their lesson' (laughs) (Note: that story can also be found in the 1999 AVENGERS CASEBOOK behind the scenes case notes)

    We wanted everyone in there. Don't say oh well we'll take it easy on him. Never tell a masochist to take it easy (laughs)

    to be continued...

    Coming up: George talks convention sketches, Wonder Woman, and his love of team books.