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AVENGERS #26 (Mar 2000) Marvel Comics

cover:  Stuart Immonen
George Pérez
Date: Mar 2000
Cover Price: $1.99


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    "...Under Cover of Night!" (22 pages) 
    writer:  Kurt Busiek
    art:  Stuart Immonen
    Wade Von Grawbadger
    colors:  Tom Smith
    letters:  Richard Starkings
    editor:  Tom Brevoort
    Information from vu   
    AVENGERS #26 (Mar 2000)
    Marvel Comics
    AVENGERS UNITED #21 (UK) (18 Dec 2002)
    Panini Comics
    LOS VENGADORES #26 (Spain) (2001)
    Comics Forum

    LOS VENGADORES TOMO #6 (Spain) (Oct 2004)
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    AVENGERS #63 / EARTH X #3 (Mexico) (27 Sep 2002)
    Grupo Editorial Vid
    DIE RÄCHER #4 (Germany) (16 August 2001)
    Panini Comics

     November 22, 2002 | Stuart Immonen
    From Vu
    VALOR #18 (Homage) (Feb 2000)
    DC Comics
    Stuart Immonen
    Tue, 19 Nov 2002 19:32:00 -0800

    1. Any reason why the Perez homage cover ? Are covers up to the artist or was it an editorial decision?
    Stuart Immonen: This was some time ago and I've drawn a number of covers in the meantime, so it's difficult to remember exactly. The cover process if usually collaborative, with the artist submitting several ideas for an editor to see. I wouldn't have proposed this image on my own, so it must have been directed editorially. It's a classic image, and one that fans immediately recognize. It was fun to do with different characters, but still trying to evoke the same emotional response as the original.

    2. What are you currently working on and what can we expect in the future?
    Stuart: I'm working on the Hulk, yes, but I'm almost finihsed my commitment to that series. At the same time, I'm working on a Superman limited series for DC with Kurt Busiek. I'm about to start working on a short story writtten by Kathyrn Kuder for the Matrix website and I just finished a small piece for Nickelodeon's February magazine.

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