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AVENGERS #34 (Nov 2000) Marvel Comics

cover:  George Perez
Al Vey
Date: Nov 2000
Cover Price: $2.25


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    "The Nefaria Protocols" (38 pages) 
    writer:  Kurt Busiek
    art:  George Perez
    Al Vey
    colors:  Tom Smith
    letters:  Richard Starkings
    editor:  Tom Brevoort
    Information from   
    AVENGERS #34 (Nov 2000)
    Marvel Comics

    AVENGERS #34 (Digital) (04 Dec 2012)
    Marvel Comics
    LOS VENGADORES #34 (Avengers) (Spain) (2002)
    Planeta Comics
    IRON MAN & I VENDICATORI #64 (Iron Man & Avengers) (Italy) (Nov 2001)
    Marvel Italia

    AVENGERS #73 / EARTH X (Mexico) (7 Jul 2003)
    Grupo Editorial Vid
    AVENGERS UNITED #28 (UK) (Jul 2003)
    Panini Comics


     December 23, 2003 | Avengers/Thunderbolts #1
    From Comic Book Resources

    Marvel Comics
    Cover by MARK BAGLEY

    Collecting for the FIRST TIME the inaugural Avengers/T-Bolts crossover, in time for this month's all-new AVENGERS/THUNDERBOLTS #1! The T-Bolts and Earth's Mightiest Heroes stand side-by-side against Count Nefaria, master of ionic energy! But before they can confront the Count, they'll have to deal with their own ion-empowered teammates, Atlas and Wonder Man - both of whom have fallen under Nefaria's thrall and now act as his henchmen.

    Featuring the JLA/AVENGERS team of KURT BUSIEK & GEORGE PÉREZ!

    Collects AVENGERS #31-34 & THUNDERBOLTS #42-44
    184 PGS./MARVEL PSR…$19.99
    UPC: 5960611445-00111

     May 28, 2003 | Jeph Loeb Interview at Wizard
    From Wizard

    Tuesday, May 27
    by Richard Ho

    5 Questions With...Jeph Loeb


    5. You’ve worked with some of the biggest artists in comics. How do you compare working with Jim Lee with working with Ed McGuiness or Tim Sale?
    Jeph Loeb: Everybody is different, and I try to write to a particular artist’s strengths. The way that I work with Tim is extremely unique. Tim is my best friend. We talk everyday. We have a very strong personal bond and have worked together for so long that when I write something, it’s almost like he’s drawing it as I’m writing it. I know what it’s going to look like on the page before it’s even happening. And when he surprises me – which is quite often – It’s really, really delightful.

    Jim is a challenge, in the sense that he’s so meticulous in terms of the work and I think in many ways the expectations on him are much higher than anyone else I’ve ever worked with. He’s certainly the most famous artist I’ve ever worked with, in terms of his entire body of work. There are very few people who read comics who don’t have some of Jim Lee’s X-Men. And I think the people who are reading Batman are looking at every single panel and are deconstructing what Jim has done from my script and are amazed and delighted. Because it’s very hard to do what Jim is doing. The only other time that I can think of anyone doing it as successfully was when George Perez came back to the Avengers and everyone said, “After three issues George is going to flame out.”

    When people first heard that Jim was going to do Batman, they immediately said “Well, that’s great. He’s going to do an issue and a half and then that will be the end of that.”

     December 31, 2000 | Avengers Assemble
    From AVENGERS #37 (transcribed by vu)
    "Avengers Assemble!"

    Not only was AVENGERS 34 the end of the "Nefaria Protocols" crossover with THUNDERBOLTS, it was also the very last issue penciled by lengendary penciler George Pérez. So many of you were touched by George's work that we've decided to devote this month's Avengers Assemble to your reactions to his departure.

    I just wanted to give more kudos to George Pérez. I was reading AVENGERS during his first tour of duty back in the seventies (he also did some great FF's during that time), so it's hard for me to say goodbye again. Ah, well. Nothing lasts forever. Thank you, George, for teaming with Kurt to return AVENGERS to what it should be - the flagship of Marvel comics. We will miss you ! may all your future endeavors be successful.

    Jon White
    Fessenden, ND

    AVENGERS #34. what can I say but fantastic? Kurt busiek once again proves his worth on earth's Mightiest, and George Pérez certainly went out on top on this book.

    Adam Casto
    address withheld by request

    RE: George Pérez leaving AVENGERS .... No, George. Thank YOU! We will miss you a great deal.

    Louis Hilburn
    Richmond, VA

    I'm sure I speak for everyone when I say I'm sorry to see George leaving the title. I thank you for your time and for a terrific story, and I cannot wait to see where Avengers will go in the months and years to come.

    Maarten Bouw
    Melbourne, Australia

    I can't believe that George is leaving AVENGERS. His art work is some of the best there is in comics. I doubt that any other artist could fill his shoes, but at least Kurt is still there to pump out the amazing stories we see every month. Even with the loss of George, I bet that AVENGERS will still be the best comic in the Marvel Universe.

    Vancouver, WA

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