DEADLY HANDS OF KUNG FU #22 (Mar 1976) Curtis

cover:  Earl Norem
Date: Mar 1976
Cover Price: $1.00
Publisher: Curtis/Magazine Management Co.


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    writer:  Bill Mantlo
    art:  George Perez 
    colors:  N/A
    letters:  N/A
    editor:  N/A

    DEADLY HANDS OF KUNG FU #22 (Mar 1976)


    MESTRE DO KUNG FU #31 (Brazil) (1978)

    Jon Huertas Explains Why He Made ‘White Tiger’

    posted Dec 29, 2016, 6:46 PM by Vu Nguyen [ updated Dec 29, 2016, 8:31 PM ]

    Marvel Comics
    Jon Huertas Explains Why He Made ‘White Tiger’
    Umberto Gonzalez | December 29, 2016 @ 1:42 PM

    “This is Us” actor tells TheWrap he turned to comic books for guidance when he was growing up, learning to “always fight for the little guy”

    Actor Jon Huertas’ inspiration in making the self-financed “White Tiger,” based on the Marvel character, was simple — he wanted to see a superhero he could relate to.

    White Tiger, created by Bill Mantlo and George Pérez, was the first Puerto Rican superhero in the history of comics, and Marvel’s first superhero of Hispanic descent. Growing up without a father figure, Huertas looked to film, television and comic books for guidance.


    “I saw heroes like that and it made me want to be more like that than the guy slinging dope on the corner or the guy in a gang,” the “This is Us” actor said. “I wanted to be a good guy and make great decisions and be a strong male figure in my own life because of that.”

    Actor Jon Huertas wants Marvel to make a White Tiger movie
    posted Dec 15, 2016, 9:37 PM by Vu Nguyen

    DEADLY HANDS OF KUNG FU #22 (Mar 1976)

    Let's hope to see White Tiger in the new Iron Fist Netflix Television show...

    Actor Jon Huertas wants Marvel to make a White Tiger movie, so he made a short film
    by Ian Casselberry


    ... actor Jon Huertas wants to see more Latino representation in Marvel’s on-screen world and is trying to do something about that.

    Huertas is perhaps best known for playing Det. Esposito on Castle and currently plays the unpopular Miguel on NBC’s This Is Us.... But he’d also love to play a Marvel crimefighter. With writer Bill Mantlo and illustrator George Perez, the publisher created the first Puerto Rican comic book superhero with White Tiger in the 1970s to help capitalize on the martial arts craze at the time.

    The White Tiger was Hector Ayala, a Puerto Rican college student who discovered a mystical amulet that gave him superhuman abilities. As one does when suddenly endowed with increased strength, speed and fighting ability, Ayala decided to become a costumed hero to fight crime in his neighborhood. Eventually, he crossed paths with Spider-Man in Marvel Comics, which gave him some cult popularity.

    Huertas obviously developed some affection for the White Tiger while growing up and thinks he’s the sort of superhero property that Marvel should be developing now.

    White Tiger is Purty Good
    News Wed, 29 Nov 2006 18:30:40 CST Vu

    White Tiger is Purty Good
    November 29, 2006


    DEADLY HANDS OF KUNG FU #20 (Jan 1976)
    WHITE TIGER (1976)
    Angela Del Toro's the niece of the original White Tiger, Hector Ayla. I remember first seein' the White Tiger in Deadly Hands of Kung Fu #20. The lead story in Deadly Hands was always Shang Chi or Iron Fist, but the second series, The Sons of the Tiger, were by a couple of newcomers called Bill Mantlo and George Perez. I knew these boys were destined for greatness, especially Perez, whose artistic skills grew with each story. The Sons of the Tiger were a trio of kung fu fighters, each empowered by a Asian amulet. In Deadly Hands #19, they had a falling out and threw the amulets in the trash. Hector picked 'em up and was transformed into the mysterious White Tiger, probably the first Chicano superhero in the Marvel Universe. Perez had such a great enthusiasm for this character, as you can see in the splash page above, where he painstakingly drew a New York City skyline forming the logo (in Deadly Hands #21).