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SACHS & VIOLENS #4 (Jul 1994) Epic Comics

cover:  George Perez
Date:  Jul 1994
Cover Price:  $2.25
Publisher: Epic Comics

Cover reprinted in:
includes free Heavy Hitters Trading Card: Terrarists
this comic is banned in New Zealand
Translated and reprinted in MARVEL MAGAZINE #12 (Italy).

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    "Violens In The Streets" (22 pages)
    writer:  Peter David
    art:  George Perez
    Arne Starr
    Art Nicholls
    colors:  Tom Smith
    John Stracuzzi
    Martin Thomas
    letters:  John Workman
    editor:  Marie Javis
    Carl Potts
    SACHS & VIOLENS #4 (Jul 1994)
    Epic Comics
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     May 23, 2004 07:36 pm | Sachs & Violens Original Art For Sale
    From Arne Starr

    Sachs and Violens Pages for sale on Ebay
    « Thread started on: 05/23/04 at 6:15pm »

    I'm heading for LA and need to cure my FundsAreLow and so are offering pages on Ebay from my personal collection which includes a few Sachs & Violens pages I inked in issues #3 and #4. If you do a search by seller on Ebay for arnestarr, you'll find them. Thanks for letting me put this note up here.


    SACHS & VIOLENS #4, Page 7
    Item number 2246449510: Arne & Diz Go2LA(20) - Sachs&Violens#4.- Pg7 - G.Perez
    Start time: May-23-04 06:18:07 PDT
    Ends May-30-04 06:18:07 PDT

    ARNE AND DIZ Go To LA - at least with the help of all you out there. Due to that ol' disease many of us in Florida have, Funsalo (Pronounced Funds-Are-Low), I'm going to be putting up a whole bunch of items that I would have never put up for sale under ordinary circumstances, in the hopes that the fan community can help my friend (an actor) and myself, artist, get to a place where the work isn't all minimum wage.

    This particular page is from the original Sachs And Violens#4 , page 5 to be exact, and this partial splash page features a major MardiGras scene that sports a special cameo. If you look southest of Violens butt, you'll see three balloons with faces on them,. They are Peter, George and myself. Page is signed by George Perez, Peter David and myself.


    I ended up on the book courtesy of my old friend Peter David, the writer of the book.. George Perez, the penciller who had been inking his own stuff was beginning to run a little behind and there were other projects needing to get done, so he asked Peter for a suggestion of someone to help with issues 3 and 4, and Peter suggested me. George I knew since a '72 Seuling con in NY, and he also knew I'd worked pretty extensively on the Crisis books. (Yeah I helped kill Supergirl and the Flash. I was supposed to have a credit along with Dick Giordano in the double-sized 7th issue as I'd inked pretty much everything in the first half of the book aside from heads, hands and larger figures which Dick handled, but powers that be decided they'd have to include Jerry Ordways assistants from the 2nd half of the book as well , so they nixed my credit, never checking to see that Jerry used NO assistants on that particular project. And so it goes).