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FANTASTIC FOUR #186 (35 Cents Variant) (Sep 1977)

cover: George Perez/Joe Sinnott
FANTASTIC FOUR #186 (35 Cent Variant)
Sep 1977
Marvel Comics (

"Enter: Salem's Seven"

Len Wein
George Perez
Joe Sinnott

Cover photo by bigospa, via Ebay

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    FANTASTIC FOUR #186 (Sep 1977)

    FANTASTIC FOUR #186 (35 Cents Variant) (Sep 1977)

    FANTASTIC FOUR #186 (UK) (Sep 1977)


    News: 30 and 35 Cent Variant Covers

    February 06, 2005 12:01 am
     From Vu (email)

    AVENGERS #148 (30 Cent Variant) (Jun 1976)

    AVENGERS #160 (35 Cent Variant) (Jun 1977)

    FANTASTIC FOUR #186 (35 Cent Variant) (Sep 1977)

    PETER PARKER, THE SPECTACULAR SPIDER-MAN #9 (35 Cent Variant) (Aug 1977)
    News: Complete List of 35 Cents Variant

    November 07, 2004 08:00 am
     From Comic Books, Cartoon Glasses and other important things
    AVENGERS #164 (35 Cents Variant) (Oct 1977) FANTASTIC FOUR #184 (35 Cents Variant) (Jul 1977) NOVA #14 (35 Cents Variant) (Oct 1977)
    Marvel 35 cent Price Variants
    Sunday, July 18, 2004 10:05:09 PM


    Below is a complete list of all the 1977 Marvel comics which had 35 cent variant covers. Once again, much of the information included was first gathered by Jon McClure, and was published in several issues of Comic Book Marketplace. As with the 30 cent variants, it is believed that there is a 35 cent variant for every book Marvel published for five months prior to the actual price increase to 35 cents. As far as I know, however, this has not been proven, for certain. For example, only recently has a copy of Scooby-Doo 1 been found, and only one Western book and one copy of a Sgt. Fury issue have been discovered. The purpose of the variant versions was to test market-resitance to the increase. In fact, an ebay seller recently produced a letter from Sol Brodsky documenting that the 35 cent copies of Star Wars 1-4 were authentic and part of Marvel's marketing research (thanks to Dan Cusimano for the letter).

    The situation with 35 cent variants is much more simple than with the 30 cent variants from the year before, and can be summed up in one word: RARE.

    (NOTE: Only Perez-related titles are listed here.)

    Avengers 160 June
    Avengers 161 July
    Avengers 162 August
    Avengers 163 September
    Avengers 164 October
    Fantastic Four 183 June
    Fantastic Four 184 July
    Fantastic Four 185 August
    Fantastic Four 186 September
    Fantastic Four 187 October
    Marvel Two-In-One 32 October
    Nova 14 October
    Spectacular Spiderman 9 August
    Spectacular Spiderman 10 September

    11/11/2006 22:05:24

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