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FANTASTIC FOUR #196 (Jul 1978) Marvel Comics

cover:  George Perez
Pablo Marcos
Date: Jul 1978
Cover Price: $0.35


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    "Who In The World Is The Invincible Man?" (18 pages) 
    writer:  Marv Wolfman
    art:  Keith Pollard
    Pablo Marcos
    colors:  G. Wein 
    letters:  Joe Rosen 
    editor:  Marv Wolfman/Jim Shooter

    FANTASTIC FOUR #196 (Jul 1978)
    Marvel Comics

    FANTASTIC FOUR #4 (Netherlands) (1979)
    JuniorPress BV

    ATLANTICSERIEN #2/1979 (Feb 1979)
    Atlantic Förlags AB

    Fantastic Four #196 Preliminary Cover by Rich Buckler (as Validar)

    posted Oct 31, 2017, 6:06 PM by Vu Nguyen

    From, thanks to Ilke

    FANTASTIC FOUR #196 (Jul 1978)
    Marvel Comics

    Rich Buckler (as Validar) Fantastic Four #196 Preliminary Cover Original Art (Marvel Comics, 1978). Buckler signed his Marvel work as Validar, here -- a cover-name during a period when he was under an exclusive contract at rival DC Comics. Too bad this excellent conceptual design did not make the cut -- the published version, by George Pérez and Pablo Marcos, uses the same theme, but in a split-panel configuration. Graphite on Bristol board. The image area measures 10" x 15". Light toning. Excellent condition.

     August 10, 2003 | FF #500 Director's Cut Edition
    From Vu

    I put this issue in the Pérez checklist, but it's not really a "must have" item. Similarly like OFFICIAL TEEN TITANS INDEX #5 is not crucial to your collection, but it is worth a small mention.

    FANTASTIC FOUR #500 (Director's Cut Edition) is the first time that a comic book has extra material, like the popular "Director's Cut/Special Edition" DVDs. There's 15 pages of extra material: "Deleted Scenes", sketch designs, "Outakes", Fred Hembeck's "Fantastic Five... Hundred, That Is!!", process of putting a comic book together, Stan Lee's original synopsis for FF #1, and a "Printography".

    The Printography reprints all previous 499 covers of the Fantastic Four, over three pages. Obviously in order to fit all the covers the reprints of each cover is about 3 by 5 cm.

    Here is a small portion of the Printography:

    George Pérez did the following FF covers:

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