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MARVEL 1979 HULK CALENDAR (Dec 1978) Marvel Comics

cover:  George Perez
Date: Dec 1978
Cover Price:

Calendar, featuring a George Pérez pinup.
Scan from Frank Strysik

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    MARVEL 1979 HULK CALENDAR (1979)
    Marvel Comics

    News: Calendar Updates

    February 04, 2006 01:16 pm
     From Vu (email)
    Updated some calendars, information from: MARVEL 1975 CALENDAR, MARVEL 1977 CALENDAR, MARVEL 1980 CALENDAR, and MARVEL 1981 CALENDAR

    MARVEL 1975 CALENDAR (Dec 1974)

    MARVEL 1977 CALENDAR (Dec 1976)

    MARVEL 1978 CALENDAR (Dec 1977)
    MARVEL 1979 HULK CALENDAR (1979)
    Marvel Comics

    MARVEL 1980 CALENDAR (Dec 1979)

    MARVEL 1981 CALENDAR (Dec 1980)
     July 22, 2004 09:32 pm | Marvel Calendar Artwork
    From Frank Strysik

    The Hulk vs Silver Surfer is from the Hulk 1979 Marvel Calendar and the Spider-Man is from the 1978 Spider-Man Calendar.


    MARVEL 1978 SPIDER-MAN CALENDAR (1978), art by George Pérez and Pablo Marcus, published in MARVEL 1978 SPIDER-MAN CALENDAR, scan from Frank Strysik
    MARVEL 1979 HULK CALENDAR (1979), published in MARVEL 1979 HULK CALENDAR, scan from Frank Strysik